Tempting, Tasty, & Healthy: A Chew For Every Occasion From Jones Natural Chews

Tempting, Tasty, & Healthy - A Chew For Every Occasion From Jones Natural Chews

On my never-ending quest of digging up the most scrumptious, yet healthy, ideally single-ingredient, treats for my pups Missy & Buzz, I discovered Jones Natural Chews a few months ago. 

Jones Natural Chews Logo

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Family Owned With 6 Generations Of Expertise In The Meat Industry

Jones Natural Chews is a family-owned company located in Rockford, IL, with six generations of expertise in the meat industry – when I shared this valuable piece of information with Missy & Buzz, I had their undivided attention! 

Talking To The Pups About Jones Natural Chews

By the way, I was excited to see their both when I walked the 6 miles of show floors at the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL last month!

Jones Natural Chews Booth At The Global Pet Expo 2016

Made In USA Certified

Whenever I reward or treat the pups with a tasty something, it can’t be just anything. I absolutely don’t want to see a long list of ingredients half of which are hard to pronounce, nothing of artificial nature, and certainly no “Made in China” label.

All Jones Natural Chews & Treats match those criteria – they are made from animal products supplied by USDA inspected plants within the USA. They also never contain any artificial ingredients and are manufactured right in the company’s very own plant in Rockford, IL.

Now THAT’S peace of mind!

Jones Natural Chews Are Made In USA Certified

A variety of the Jones Natural Chews has accompanied us on different occasions over the course of the last month, both in and outdoors!

Human & K9 Al-Fresco Luncheon On Dog-Friendly Restaurant Patio

A few weekends ago, Missy & I had some lunch on the patio of a dog-friendly pub/grille not far from us. I like to take the pups along with me whenever I can, and this was perfect for practicing polite behavior in a distracting environment outdoors. While Mommy enjoyed her Mozzarella Sticks, Missy happily munched away on two Bully Bacon Twists.

Missy At A Dog-Friendly Pub:Grille Patio
Missy Focusing in on her Bully Bacon Twist from JNC on a Dog-Friendly Al-Fresco Restaurant Patio
Missy Having A Bully Bacon Twist From JNC While Mommy Is Enjoying her Lunch

The Bully Bacon Twist is a two-in-one, oven-baked chew consisting of two beef pizzles twisted together and wrapped in pork skin. It has 107.2 calories per piece.

Bully Bacon Twist Ingredients: Beef Pizzle, Pork Skin (0.71% Salt)

Tasty Picnic At The Park

After a heck of a work week & working most of the weekend as well, Missy & I escaped to Anderson Creek County Park last Sunday afternoon to recharge our batteries. Mommy decided that this was best done by enjoying a combination of warm sunshine on our faces along with some delicious snacks. #MommyKnowsBest

Missy On A Picnic At A Local Park

We enjoyed the peaceful scenery nature had in store for us while snacking away on our respective treats for our picnic break at the park – Missy enjoyed two Frank N Woofers, which are essentially the K9 versions of our Hamburgers/Hot Dogs.

Missy & Her Frank N Woofer Snack from JNC
Missy Getting Ready To Enjoy Her Frank N Woofer from JNC
Missy Enjoying The Last Bites of Her Frank N Woofer From JNC

The Frank N Woofer is an oven baked combination of a 7-8″ chicken sausage wrapped in a 100% beef burger, and therefore makes for a great blend of soft and crunchy. It has 222.25 calories per piece, so giving it as a snack on a hike or extended walk is ideal!

I’m very proud of Missy’s visible waistline, yet had no problem giving her both treats as we made up for the additional calorie intake with plenty of walking.

If your pup is a little on the heavier side or a smaller breed, consider removing half of it and keeping it for another day. Just watch your fingers when you DO remove it – Fido might not agree with your plans 😉

Frank N Woofer Ingredients: Beef Woofer 100% beef; Chicken Sausage – chicken, rye flour, glycerin, brown sugar, salt (0.63%), liquid smoke flavoring, natural mixed tocopherols (preservative), rosemary extract in a collagen casing.

You know that I’m a sucker for single-ingredient doggie treats, so the Frank N Woofer wouldn’t make it on my list of daily treats for my pups, but I’m ok with having them enjoy the K9 Hamburger/Hot Dog every now & then 🙂

Great For Crate Training

I recently chose to give Missy a Bully N Beef chew while she was hanging out in her crate (with an open crate door) patiently waiting for Mommy to finish her office work.

Missy Meditating Before Digging In

Missy In Awe Of:Meditating Before Digging Into Her Bully N Beef Chew From JNC
Missy In Her Crate Happily Munching On Her Bully N Beef Chew From JNC

The Bully N Beef is a beef trachea with a beef pizzle tied through the center. What I LOVE about this particular chew is that it’s a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin, both of which assist in joint health. 

Instead of supplementing my pups’ diet with chemically infused glucosamine & chondroitin pills or chews, I have been giving them dehydrated duck feet on a daily basis, which are also natural sources of glucosamine & chondroitin.

I’m stoked to have found out about a new treat with the same positive effect on their health because I believe in #ProteinVariety as far as their food & treat intake are concerned.

This particular chew has 163.8 calories per piece.

Bully N Beef Ingredients: Beef Windee, Beef Pizzle (Salt: 0.82%)

Buzz boy got to enjoy a Bully N Bacon chew when he went back into his crate while he’s staying at a friend’s home (more on that in a future post).  

Buzz Enjoying His Bully N Bacon Chew From JNC

The Bully N Bacon is an oven baked, curled beef pizzle wrapped inside a piece of pork skin. They contain 172 calories per piece.

Bully N Bacon Ingredients: Beef Pizzle, Pork Skin (Salt: 0.62%)

Just Because I ♥ My Dogs

Of course I don’t always need a super specific reason to treat my pups – they are the K9 loves of my life, and as such deserve to be spoiled every now & then, at least in my humble opinion.

However, even when I DO give them an extra treat here & there, I make sure not to hand out any crap containing a bunch of artificial ingredients & colorings. Oh no!! My favorite treats are single-ingredient ones, such as these Heart Breakers – a brand new treat from JNC!

The Heart Breakers are oven-baked, sliced pork hearts. That’s it! They contain 127 calories per ounce.

Missy Anticipating Her Heart Breakers Treat From JNC

Heart Breakers Ingredients: Pork Heart (Salt: 0.6%)

Side Effects…

Drool. Lots of it. Prepare to either wash the crate pad, car seat cover, or towel/blanket your pup has been enjoying the Jones Natural Chews on, or wipe down the tile/hard wood.

Tip: Let your pup chew outside where you either won’t have to worry about cleaning up drool, or where you’ll be able to hose it away. 

Be Aware Of Lots Of Drool Over The Bully N Beef Chew From JNC

What’s Salt Got To Do With It?

As I carefully read all ingredient labels of our new chews & treats, I noticed that every single one of them mentioned salt. This got me to thinking – shouldn’t we avoid salt in our dogs’ treats & food? Isn’t it bad for them?

Well, excessive amounts of salt can indeed cause serious health issues such as heart disease, which is why I’m usually not a fan of treats containing salt.

However! Jones Natural Chews only uses a tiny, minimal amount of it (less than 1%) in their treats as a non-toxic and natural preservative as opposed to chemical ones (such as BHT, BHA, or Ethoxyquin), so I’m ok with letting the pups have them.

As I did a little more research, I actually also realized that salt provides the two essential electrolytes sodium and chloride, which dogs need – but only in a TINY amount. 

Find Jones Natural Chews Online

Ready to learn more about this pawsome company? You can connect with Jones on Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube, and stay up-to-date on their latest contests & giveaways on their blog, hosted by Miss Flea!

Has YOUR dog smiled today?! As always, we’d love to hear from you in our comment section!

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