Hands-Free Hiking With COLLAR's Adjustable Leather Leash

Hands-Free Hiking With CoLLaR Company’s Adjustable Leather Dog Leash

Let me begin by saying that I’m a total sucker for this Ukrainian dog collar & leash manufacturer: CoLLaR Company. 


Disclaimer: CoLLaR Company provided us with a free collar & leash set at the Global Pet Expo 2016 in return for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

CoLLaR Company is a Ukrainian based wholesale company who has been making quality pet products since 1995. Their pet products are sold in 40 countries on all continents. 

I first learned about them in early 2015 when we won one of their Puller Dog Toy Ring sets. Soon after, I came to appreciate their high quality leather dog collars & leashes.

I then had the pleasure to visit their booth in the international section of the Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL earlier this year (2016).

That’s where I met Alex, one of their brand representatives for the US, in person. 

Meeting COLLAR Co's Alex At Global Pet Expo 2016

Just FYI: I wrote about the leather dog collar/leash sets we received in early 2015 in my post The Softest Leather Dog Collar & Leash Set.

Both sets are still as beautiful AND sturdy as they were more than one year ago, and they’ve been getting used A LOT.

Adjustable, Multifunctional Dog Leash by Collar Company

This multifunctional leather dog leash features:

  • 3 rings (I attached our poop bag holder to one of them)
  • 1 snap at each end, making it adjustable to 3 different lengths (4 ft, 4.5 ft, 5.5 ft) – this type of leash is a very common sight in Europe. 
COLLAR Glamour Collar & Multifunctional Leash Set

I purchased a multifunctional, sturdy leash in my home country Germany as one of Buzz’s first leashes back in 2011. The only thing I don’t love about it is that it’s made of nylon and not soft leather. 

The adjustable dog leash can also be worn around the shoulders for hands-free hiking when it’s in medium length configuration, which is my favorite feature!

Missy Hiking With COLLAR's Adjustable Glamour Leather Leash, Worn Around Torso

Besides being great for hiking, it’s also a good option for moms with strollers (and dads, of course!).

The only prerequisite would be that your dog already knows how to heel or is wearing a training collar.  

You want your stroll with your baby to be a safe one, after all.

Fun, Bright Colors – CoLLaR Glamour

I love that the CoLLaR Glamour Line features collars & leashes in all colors of the rainbow – green, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange!

Perfect to go along with spring & summer’s vibrant color scheme, and also great to add a pop of color during the darker months. 

CoLLaR Co Glamour Line

I chose a vibrant yellow tone for Missy’s outgoing personality.

It pops beautifully against her black & brown coat and has earned us compliments wherever we go!

Missy On a Log During A Hike With COLLAR Co's Glamour Adjustable Leather Leash, Hand-Held

Both collar & leash come with a small leather butterfly, the Glamour Line’s emblem.

How adorable is that?!

CoLLaR Co's Glamour Collar with Leather Butterfly Emblem

Missy’s yellow collar features a reflective star pattern which also glows in the dark.

That’s perfect for walks in low-light visibility (think early morning or late night walks during the summer heat!).

CoLLaR Co's Glamour Collar With Reflective and Glow in the Dark Star Pattern

Made of Genuine, Soft Leather

As the vast majority of the CoLLaR Company product line (there’s also a Cotton Line & a Metal Line), the Glamour dog leashes & dog collars are made of genuine, high-quality leather. 

As a dog walker, I can tell you first hand that nothing feels worse than harsh nylon being rubbed across your palms all day long.

So whenever I can, I opt for the soft feeling of leather leashes.

CoLLaR Company: Bottom Line

As you all know, daily exercise is an important factor on our journey to being healthy here at K9sOverCoffee.

Since we’re out and about a lot, quality dog accessories are very important to us, and CoLLaR Company’s Adjustable Glamour Leather Leash fits right into that category. 

Not only does the leather leash look stylish and feel smooth in our hands, it also gives us the option of hands-free dog walking & hiking. 

The reflective, glow-in-the-dark star pattern on the Glamour dog collar ensures our visibility in low light.

Enthusiastically recommended – if you’re a pet retail store, go ahead and contact CoLLaR Company about getting your hands on these!

COLLAR Glamour Adjustable Leash & Collar Tags

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6 responses to “Hands-Free Hiking With CoLLaR Company’s Adjustable Leather Dog Leash”

  1. Colby Avatar

    We’re big fans of the multifunctional leashes. We’ve had our 2 ring adjustable (4ft and 5.5ft I think) soft leather leash for over 10 years and it will be tough to pry that out of my hands. Although a similar 3 ring adjustable leash might be in the cards. However, after switching to leather leashes I don’t think I can ever go back to another material.

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      I’m excited to read that you’re a fan of multifunctional leashes as well! They really make life a lot easier. I feel the exact same way you do about leather – other materials just can’t compare.

      1. Colby Avatar

        Our leather leash is well worn in too. I’m not sure what I’ll do if one of my puppies ever chews it up…probably cry…

        1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

          That’s what I appreciate so much about leather leashes – they get better with age, like a good wine 😉 I can’t wait for this particular one to be worn in. – I would SO cry if my leather leashes got chewed up!!

  2. 2 brown dawgs blog Avatar

    I love the bright colors and the idea of reflective stars.

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      I really do too- I have to admit that up until now, the vast majority of our leashes were either a dark brown or black. After having seen the colorful display at the expo, I want to own one of each color 😉

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