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Hi & Welcome To K9sOverCoffee!

The K9sOverCoffee blog is the place to be if you’re looking to learn a thing or two about:

  • (DIY) raw dog food
  • Dog lifestyle, training & travel entries

Here on the blog, I share lots of raw dog food knowledge including raw meal prep advice, DIY raw dog food recipe ideas as well as tips for fit dogs at home and on the road.

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I’m Your Host Barbara Rivers

Hey there!

I’m a trilingual, 40-something dog lover, e-book author and dog blogger.

Barbara Rivers is the blogger and founder behind the K9sOverCoffee blog

I hold a Master of Arts in American and French studies from Heidelberg University, Germany, and a certificate in raw dog food nutrition from Dogs Naturally Magazine.

However, please be aware of the fact that I am not a veterinarian and do not provide medical consultations.

I also have a background in content & e-mail marketing in the e-commerce world.

Additionally, I worked as a professional dog walker and pet sitter in Ashburn, VA and then Sanford, NC for almost a decade.

I spent 6 years of that time running my own business K9sOverCoffee Pet Services in Central NC.

That said, I know a thing or two about walking dogs and keeping them fit, ha!

Check out my blog post 5 Tools of a Professional Dog Walker to get a glimpse into my former life.

Who knows, it might inspire you to start your very own dog walking and pet sitting business – the picture below features some of my former clients:

Some of my former dog walking and pet sitting clients

Disclaimer: This section contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

K9sOverCoffee Blog – How It All Started

The K9sOverCoffee blog was born in August of 2014, featuring Missy & Buzz, my then two Boxer mixes. 

The K9sOverCoffee blog features my two boxer mixes Missy & Buzz

After Missy’s cancer diagnosis, treatments, & recovery throughout late 2014/ early 2015, the blog’s focus has been on dog health.

The way I bring out my pup’s superpowers is with a combination of daily physical & mental exercise and species-appropriate raw dog food.

The latter helped Missy be in remission from cancer for 3 years and outlive her oncologist’s life expectancy by 2 additional years.

Unfortunately, she was re-diagnosed with the disease in early 2018 and got her wings in late April.

Not one day goes by that I don’t think of her, and she will continue to be missed dearly until the day we meet again. 

In Loving Memory Of Missy, 2011-2018

After my divorce, Buzz has been living with his Daddy.

I eventually welcomed a new furry friend into my life in January of 2019. He’s a lovable 38 lb Feist mix whose name is Wally West.

Feists are squirrel hunting dogs bred primarily in the Southern US.

You can read more about him in my post “Introducing Wally West, My New Dog”.

Wally is also raw-fed and goes on daily backpack walks with me.

As a matter of fact, his new raw diet has helped relieve his itchy skin issues tremendously!

My dog Wally with his raw dog food featuring wild venison, beef, duck, thread herring, lamb, and veggies and herbs.
Wally with his homemade raw dog food
Wally and his Commuter dog backpack from Ruffwear
Wally’s Commuter Backpack from Ruffwear
Wally and his dog backpack from One Tigris
Wally and his dog backpack from One Tigris

Check Out My Raw Feeding Shop & Resources

I already mentioned that I’m a certified raw dog food nutrition specialist through Dog’s Naturally Magazine University

Barbara Rivers from K9sOverCoffee completed the raw dog food nutrition specialist class from Dogs Naturally Magazine

In my e-book shop, I share raw dog food recipes, explain how to do raw dog food meal prep for your dog at home & more.

I invite you to browse a variety of helpful tools for raw dog food meal prep and keeping your pup fit in my Amazon Resources section.

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Working on Wally's polite leash walking skills
Working on Wally’s polite leash walking skills with Mighty Paw’s hands-free bungee leash set & dog treat pouch
Hiking with Buzz and his dog backpack from Outward Hound
Hiking with Buzz and his dog backpack from Outward Hound

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Work With the K9sOverCoffee Blog

If you’re a brand representative and are looking for a highly engaged and motivated dog food & dog gear blogger, please refer to the Work With Me section to find out more.

I’m available to work with brands, enter new affiliate relationships and accept blog sponsorships as my blog continues to grow as a resource in the raw dog food & dog gear world.

You can also book me for your copywriting, Amazon product listing and e-mail marketing needs.

See you soon, bis bald & à bientôt,


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