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List of Raw Feeding Canadian Dog Breeders

I compiled a list of raw feeding Canadian dog breeders. From Mastiffs to Duck Tollers, Weiners, Bichons & GSDs, have fun browsing the different breeds!

List of US-Dog Breeders who Feed Raw Dog Food

Looking for a list of US-dog breeders who feed raw dog food by State? From Golden Retrievers and Havanese to Poodles and Cane Corsos, I got you covered!

Slippery Elm For Dogs – What It Is, How to Make It & More

Slippery elm for dogs helps (raw fed) pups who suffer from acute diarrhea, nausea & other conditions. Learn how to make a healing syrup & more.

Raw Chicken for Dogs: How to Feed, Where to Buy & More

Raw chicken for dogs is safe to feed, even select chicken from the grocery store. Learn how to prepare it, which cuts to use, grab a recipe with raw chicken, and more!

How To Feed Raw Beef Eyeballs For Dogs – Advanced Level

Raw beef eyeballs for dogs are a great secreting organ to add to homemade raw dog food. Learn where to buy and how to feed them in my free recipe!

The Pack Dynamic: Tips for Successfully Managing a Multi-Dog Household

Life in a multi-dog household can get hectic and stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are 7 tips to help you manage your pups.
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