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Wally’s Raw Dog Food Bowl Is The Creepiest Culinary Trend Of The Year

Wally’s Halloween raw dog food bowl might just be the creepiest culinary trend of the year! Let’s take a look at this witch’s brew ingredients.

Do Dogs Get Scared Of Halloween Decorations?

I’ll tell you about a few dogs and their different reactions to Halloween decorations, along with tips on how to help skittish dogs relax.

How To Make A Dog’s Coat Shiny

Here are my two best tips for how to make a dog’s coat shiny! Fun fact: I observed stray Beldi dogs instinctually adopt one of them.

How To Make Pumpkin Puree For Dogs and Pumpkin Pancakes For Yourself

Pumpkin puree for dogs is one of my favorite natural supplements for dogs. It helps with diarrhea, constipation & is a great dog food topper too!

Raw Dog Food for Beginners: Variety Pack

Raw Paws Pet Food Variety Pack is a 9 lb introductory raw dog food offer that ships free! Use K9Savings for 15% off at checkout!

Raw Meaty Bones For Dogs: How To Feed & Where To Buy

Raw meaty bones (RMBs) for dogs are essential in raw feeding. Learn how to feed them, how to determine the amount of bone to feed, & more.
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