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Raw Venison Dog Food From Raw Paws Pet Food

If you’re looking to get venison raw dog food, check out the ground kind from Raw Paws Pet Food. Tip: Use my code K9Savings for a 15% discount.

Your Dog Doesn’t Eat Raw Dog Food? Try These 9 Easy Hacks!

There are specific reasons why your (aging) dog doesn’t eat raw dog food (anymore). Find out why, hacks to fix the problem, and alternatives!

How Raw Goat Heads Differ From Rabbit & Poultry Heads

Raw goat heads are not a typical cut of meat for raw feeders. But when I got the opportunity to buy some, I did. Here’s what to expect and how they differ from rabbit & poultry heads.

How To Easily Balance Homemade Raw Dog Food

Here are a few hacks that let you balance homemade raw dog food more easily. They include a beginner approach and a more advanced one.

Raw Dog Food Recipe For Two: My Boxers’ Dinner Bowls

This easy raw dog food recipe for Boxers consists of 6 different ingredients that are fairly easy to source (and yes, other dog breeds can have it, too!).

2024 Animal Diet Formulator Review Of The Individual Version

10 months into using the Animal Diet Formulator, here’s my video tour of the ingredient comparison & raw dog food recipe formulation area.
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