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How To Take Control Of Dog Obesity

Learn how to tackle dog obesity with expert tips on balancing exercise and food from a professional dog walker and raw feeder.

10 Easy Ways to Puppy Proof Your Home

Discover 10 essential tips and practical steps to puppy proof your house, including how to puppy proof wires and fences.

Green Tripe Treats & PB: How To Make A Delicious Dog Food Puzzle

Green tripe treats and peanut butter make a healthy dog food puzzle filling. Put it into a Kong and your pups will be busy for a while!

The Daily Morning Routine Of Fit Dogs

What’s the 2 hour morning routine of fit dogs like? That’s what you’ll learn in this blog post, along with a peek into their raw dog food bowls.

Raw Dog Food Myths 4/5: Raw Feeding Causes Bad Breath

Some people say raw feeding causes bad breath in dogs. I’ve been feeding raw dog food since 2015 and I assure you that it doesn’t! Here’s why.

2016 Pet Blogger Challenge

The K9sOverCoffee dog blog shared unique pet blogging tips in the 2016 Pet Blogger Challenge, hosted by GoPetFriendly.com.
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