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Motivator: Chuck It Ball. What works for your dog?

Buzz and his favorite chuck-it ball share a special kind of bond which has developed over the past 2 years (he is 4.5 years old now). He began to be interested in balls & frisbees when he was several months old, but it actually took him quite some time to get the…

Kibble vs Raw Dog Food: An Experiment

Kibble vs raw dog food: In this experiment, I gave my Boxer mixes the choice between kibble and raw dog food. Which food won?!

Raw Dog Food Myths 3/5: Do Dogs Get Sick From Raw Dog Food?

Do dogs get sick from raw dog food? Dogs have short digestive tracts & acidic stomachs, which is why they don’t get sick from raw meat.

Dog Fitness With The Ruffwear Approach Pack – A Review

Gear up your adventure pup with the Ruffwear Approach Pack! This dog backpack offers comfort & convenience for hiking with dogs as well as dog training sessions.

Raw Paws Pet Food Unboxing Video: 42 lb of Meat

Our Raw Paws Pet Food unboxing video features 42 lb of raw meat and includes meaty goat bones as well as complete beef and chicken!

Hydrotherapy for Dogs Has Many Benefits

Hydrotherapy for dogs is a gentle and effective approach to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured and senior dogs. Learn more here!
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