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Hydrotherapy for Dogs Has Many Benefits

Hydrotherapy for dogs is a gentle and effective approach to aid in the recovery and rehabilitation of injured and senior dogs. Learn more here!

Dog Food for Picky Eaters: Try This Easy Homemade Topper

Finding the right dog food for picky eaters can be frustrating! Try these homemade, tasty food toppers to get your pup eating again!

5 Myths About Raw Feeding 2/5: Raw Dog Food Makes Humans Sick

Have you heard that raw dog food makes humans sick? In part 2 of my raw dog food myth mini series, I explain why that’s not true!

Raw Dog Food Myths 1/5: Raw-Fed Dogs Are Aggressive

When someone asks me “Are raw-fed dogs aggressive?”, my short answer is “no”. My longer answer dives into the reasons for food aggression.

How To Make Dehydrated Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Dehydrated sweet potato dog treats are a low-calorie, nutritional powerhouse-treat. Learn how to make them yourself here!

CoLLaR Liker Cord & Ball: Unique Ball & Rope Dog Toy

The CoLLaR Liker Cord & Ball are unique ball and rope dog toys that worked to teach my dog Buzz how to open the fridge door!
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