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How To Feed Raw Dog Food For Beginners: My First Few Months

My most important tip regarding raw dog food for beginners is to start feeding pre-made raw dog food from Darwin’s & Raw Paws Pet Food.

Anicura Natural: Safe Shampoo For Your Dog

Anicura makes natural shampoos that are a safe & effective alternative to harsh coat care and pest repelling dog products.

Is Dewclaw Removal, Cropping and Docking in Dogs Cruel Or Warranted?

Cropping and docking in dogs is a controversial topic! Some consider it a cosmetic necessity while others believe it’s cruel. Here’s my take.

Why & How I Started Feeding Raw Dog Food

Read all about how and why I started feeding raw dog food back in 2015. Spoiler alert: I’ve turned into a raw dog food nerd ever since!

How to Deal with Heat Strokes In Dogs

Heat strokes in dogs can be fatal, that’s why it’s important to recognize, prevent, and respond to heat strokes effectively.

How To Keep Dogs Cool In The Summer

Discover essential tips and tricks for how to keep dogs cool and protected from the sweltering summer heat.
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