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What Does Balanced Raw Dog Food Consist Of? – UPDATED 2023!

Balanced raw dog food consists of four different components, one of which is optional if you’re following a specific feeding model.

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Dog Food: How To Feed + Recipe Ideas – UPDATED 2023!

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm dog food is a mix of dehydrated low-carb veggies & herbs. It’s used with cooked or raw meat and oils. Click for unique recipes!

Why I Decreased Wally’s Raw Dog Food Amount By 3oz

I recently had to reduce Wally’s raw dog food amount from 2.5% of his target body weight down to 2%. That translates into 3 oz less than usual. Here’s why and how I did it.

How To Feed Raw When Overlanding With Your Dog

Trying to figure out how to feed raw when overlanding with your dog? I’ll share 4 approaches that have worked for me + 2 alternatives to raw!

Raw Dog Food Ingredients Used So Far This Year

The 71 raw dog food ingredients I share in this post should give you plenty of inspiration to make your own DIY raw dog food.

How To Use Raw Pancreas For Dogs To Support Digestive Health

Raw pancreas for dogs is a preventative whole food for healthy dogs and helps with pancreatic insufficiencies like pancreatitis, EPI, SID or IBD.
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