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Raw Quail for Dogs

Raw quail for dogs is a lean protein alternative for dogs with certain food sensitivities. Get quail dog food recipe inspiration & more!

Testicles for Raw Dog Food

Testicles for raw dog food are great to round out a raw diet and provide nutrient variety. Use as a second secreting organ in DIY raw dog food.

Global Pet Expo 2023: The Natural Pet Section

I loved seeing a large variety of raw dog food brands at this year’s Global Pet Expo 2023, both established and newer ones!

2 Dog Jackets With Zippers I Love For My Active Dogs – UPDATED 2023!

I’ve had these 2 dog jackets for 8+ years & love their respective softshell/puffer look! They’ve both proven to be durable, waterproof & warm.

Gizzards for Dogs: How (Much) to Feed & More

Gizzards for dogs are a nutritious cut of meat that’s unique to specific animals. Learn how (much) to feed, where to buy gizzards & more!

What’s So Great About Fermented Dog Food?

Fermented dog food can impact your dog’s health in multiple ways, and today I’ll share different options of sourcing it.
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