Boxer mixes Missy & Buzz playing Tug-of-War with the Collar Liker Cord!

CoLLaR Liker Cord & Ball: Unique Ball & Rope Dog Toy

Spoiler alert: We’re stoked about CoLLaR’s new products, the CoLLaR Liker Cord & Liker Ball, and are excited to announce that they meet our high expectations!

Back story: We were lucky enough to win a pair of PULLER rings by COLLAR Pet Products earlier this year.

Buzz with CoLLaR's PULLER dog toy
Buzz with a CoLLaR Puller ring

We also got to review a set of their wonderful soft leather collars & leashes we have been using on a very regular basis!


CoLLaR Liker Cord & Ball: Unique Ball & Rope Dog Toy

CoLlaR Liker Cord & Liker Ball

Disclaimer: K9sOverCoffee received 1 CoLLaR LIKER Cord & 1 CoLLaR LIKER Ball from COLLAR Company in return for an honest review. This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

About COLLAR Company

CoLLaR is a Ukrainian based pet products manufacturer who has been making quality pet products since 1995.

Their pet products are sold in 40 countries on all continents. Y

ou can view their product videos on their YouTube channel and check out their product portfolio on the CoLLaR website.

The COLLAR Liker Ball: Great for Fetch

As hinted at in today’s blog post title, the CoLLaR Liker balls are so much more than just an average ball. They are a fantastic means of shaking things up a bit!

The first usage that comes to mind with these balls is certainly to use them for a good game of fetch.

We definitely did that as Buzz is a huge fan of playing fetch, and he had a blast with both LIKER balls!

Buzz exercising with the LIKER Ball!

Side Note: What’s surprising is that even Missy was intrigued by the orange new balls…

She’s usually not that interested in dog toys unless they are small and fast moving!

CollaR Liker Ball - not just any dog ball toy

The CoLLaR Liker Cord: Great for Tug & Dog Training

But she jumped in several times to play tug-of-war with her big brother using the CoLLaR Liker Cord!

Tug-of-War with the Collar Liker Cord!

Now here’s the fun part ~ I was also able to incorporate the Liker Cord into our trick training! Buzz recently learned a new trick which involves opening the fridge.

I had tied a long rope toy to the fridge door which Buzz pulled on in order to open it.

Similarly, I tied the Liker Cord to the fridge door and Buzz pulled on it with the same enthusiasm he had shown for pulling on the long rope toy!

A variation of this could be to tie the String ball to your patio or balcony door. Make sure to unlock and open it just a bit first though.

Then have your pup pull on it while walking backwards or sideways in order to fully open it.

Dog Training with the LIKER Cord – Learning to open the freezer!

Orange for High Visibility

When designing the outer appearance of the Liker cord & ball, CoLLaR went with stylish AND practical orange. I mean, have you ever had a hard time finding a blue or green ball in your yard or a park?

You won’t have any trouble finding these bright orange balls, guaranteed!

Lightweight, Floaty, Harmless

The CoLLaR Liker Cord as well as the Liker Ball are surprisingly light. That means, they won’t accidentally brake windows or knock over anything else.

That’s a good feature to have when you’re not the greatest ball thrower…such as yours truly.

Come winter, they also won’t sink into a pile of snow ~ they’re simply too light for that.

Since they also float, they’re the perfect dog toy to take along on any excursion that involves swimming. We’re thinking lake, beach, doggie pool, etc.

Last but not least, one of my favorite features are the harmless materials both balls are made of:

  • Rubber
  • Plastic
  • Nylon
  • Cotton


There’s really only one issue I can think of with the CoLLaR Liker Balls.

As far as I know, they’re only available in medium and large.

Although they are also portrayed next to a Yorkshire Terrier on Pinterest (click for picture), I’m not sure that this particular (or any) toy breed would be able to carry the ball around in her mouth.

I guess they could push it around!

CoLLaR Liker Cord & Ball: Bottom Line

Overall, Missy & Buzz give their new CoLLaR Liker Cord & Ball 8 enthusiastic paws up ~ any dog toy that can get Missy’s attention is a winner in our book!

Have you heard of CoLLaR and their LIKER & PULLER toys?

As always, we’d love to hear from you in our comment section!

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