32 Raw Dog Food Recipes & Lots Of Raw Feeding Knowledge

My raw dog food ebooks feature 32 raw dog food recipes and everything you need to know about raw dog food, including:

  • How much raw dog food does my dog need?
  • What does balanced raw dog food consist of?
  • Meal planners & cheat sheets
  • Shopping lists
  • Where to shop for the ingredients
  • Resources and promo codes
  • Hacks to make raw meal prep easier
  • How to handle food allergies
32 Raw Dog Food Recipes

About The Author, Barbara Rivers

Hi, I’m Barbara Rivers, raw dog food nerd and dog lover!

I’ve been feeding my pups raw dog food since 2015 and became raw dog food nutrition certified by Dogs Naturally Magazine in early 2020.

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Certificate of Completion

My Raw Dog Food Ebooks

My raw dog food ebooks are a compilation of my raw dog food knowledge and a summary of this blog!

Raw Meal Prep for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

For starters, I recommend my Raw Meal Prep ebook – it features lots of basic knowledge and 2 simple raw dog food recipes.

In this ebook, I’m sharing EVERYTHING I wish I had known when I began on my very own raw dog food journey back in 2015.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 2 SIMPLE raw dog food recipes you can feed in different variations
  • Easy hacks to make your raw meal prep a breeze
  • A printable raw feeding amount cheat sheet
  • Shopping lists + where to shop for the ingredients (even the odd cuts!)
  • Resources and promo codes if you’re on a tight budget
  • Tips how to handle food allergies/sensitivities
  • NEW BONUS: A PDF with the bone percentages of 20 of the most common RMBs (Raw Meaty Bones)

Just follow the simple and straightforward tips & tricks I’m sharing in this ebook, and you’ll soon be making your pup’s scrumptious, very OWN RAW MEALS.

Trust me, it’s easier than you think to nourish your pups with REAL FOOD!

K9sOverCoffee.com | Sample page from my ebook "Raw Meal Prep For Dogs: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners"
Sample page from Raw Meal Prep for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

20 Raw Dog Food Recipes

…followed by 20 recipes featured in 20 Raw Dog Food Recipes.

If you’re looking for unique raw dog food recipes your pup(s) will start drooling for, look no further!

They feature common protein sources such as chicken, turkey and beef as well as more uncommon ones like rabbit, duck and oily fish.

BONUS: You’ll also learn how to measure percentages along with my cheat sheet “Percentages of 20 Common Raw Meaty Bones”!

20 Raw Dog Food Recipes - Recipe 14
A sample recipe from 20 Raw Meals for Dogs

If you notice that your (raw-fed) pup has food sensitivities to certain common protein sources like chicken, beef and lamb…

10 Raw Dog Food Recipes for Dogs with Skin Allergies

…I recommend my third ebook 10 Raw Dog Food Recipes for Dogs with Skin Allergies.

Is your pup itchy and keeps licking and scratching at their paws and belly? Then this raw dog food recipe ebook is for you!

These raw dog food recipes are for (raw-fed) dogs who do poorly with common protein sources like chicken and beef!

Instead, they feature 10 novel, UNIQUE protein sources that are known to be hypo-allergenic.

BONUS: You’re also getting my “Raw Dog Food Meal Planner” and “Your Dog’s Custom Raw Dog Food Recipe” card. Simply print them out and fill in.

I designed the raw dog food recipes to be hypoallergenic as my own pup Wally has many food sensitivities.

For example, he can’t have chicken, quail, salmon, anchovies, sardines, green lipped mussels or any other shellfish, no grains whatsoever, and he also can’t have certain veggies and fruit!

Sigh. It’s been a struggle to make raw dog food for him, but I figured it out in the end!

P.S. My raw dog food ebooks make most sense to US readers as the resources used can easily be purchased in the US. That’s not do discourage anyone else from other countries buying them, it’s just an FYI.

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