Enjoying the outdoors with Mighty Paw's dog gear

Enjoying The Outdoors With Mighty Paw Dog Gear

Are you familiar with Mighty Paw dog gear?

They’re a US dog gear brand I learned about back in 2017.

That was when fellow dog blogger Lindsay from ThatMutt.com introduced me to the brand.

I ended up doing some freelance work for them and even worked full-time for the brand from 2020-2022. But that’s just a side note.

Ever since, I’ve used lots of their collars, leashes, harnesses and other dog gear on my adventures with my personal dogs.

And for the last 3 years that I ran my dog walking and pet sitting business (2017-2020), I also added a lot of their dog gear to my professional dog walker equipment.

That said, what I appreciate the most about Mighty Paw dog gear is that it’s affordable, durable, and practical.

So below, I’ll share my favorite Mighty Paw dog walking gear with you all.

Ready to nerd out on dog gear? Let’s go!

Enjoying The Outdoors With Mighty Paw Dog Gear

Enjoying the outdoors with Mighty Paw dog gear

Disclaimer: This blog post was originally published in 2018 and has been updated in 2023. It contains affiliate links I may earn compensation through at no additional cost to you. 

Mighty Paw Collar

I have a variety of Mighty Paw collars, but my favorite one by far is the nylon Mighty Paw martingale collar!

It comes in gray and black, and I have the black one.

If you don’t know what a martingale collar is, it’s a training collar that consists of a large and a small loop.

The larger loop goes around the dog’s neck and the smaller loop has a ring that connects to the larger loop.

You clip your leash to the smaller loop. When you apply pressure to it, the small loop tightens and makes your dog pull less.

Walking Wally on the nylon Mighty Paw martingale collar
Walking Wally on the nylon Mighty Paw martingale collar

That said, the nylon martingale is great because it helps control my pup Wally when his squirrel, cat and rabbit prey drive kicks in on our walks and hikes.

Combined with one of my favorite Mighty Paw leashes I talk about in the next section, it also helps me keep him right next to me when we’re passing other dogs.

These are the features of the nylon Mighty Paw martingale collar:

  • Reflective stitching
  • Plastic buckle closure
  • Heavy-duty, weatherproof nylon
  • 2 collars in one: 2 D rings let you switch from training to flat collar
  • Available in small, medium and large for dog necks between 12″-24″
Polite leash walking with the nylon Mighty Paw martingale collar

What Is The Difference Between A Martingale Collar And A Buckle Collar?

The main difference is that a martingale collar is a dog training collar, and a buckle collar is a standard dog collar.

The Buckle Collar

A buckle collar is a traditional dog collar that consists of a strap with a buckle closure mechanism.

It’s designed to be fastened around the dog’s neck and secured using the buckle.

Buckle collars are commonly made of various materials like nylon, leather, or fabric, and they come in different widths and sizes.

They usually have a D-ring where you can attach identification tags, a leash, or other accessories.

The Martingale Collar

As I explained earlier, the primary function of a martingale collar is to provide gentle control over the dog’s head without choking or causing discomfort.

When the dog pulls or tries to back out of the collar, the tension on the leash causes the smaller loop to tighten, which, in turn, tightens the larger loop slightly.

This prevents the dog from slipping out of the collar while providing a gentle correction. When there’s no tension on the leash, the collar loosens, allowing for comfortable wearing.

Now, the nylon Mighty Paw martingale collar combines both collar types, which is super practical if you’re only looking to invest in ONE dog walking collar.

So when you’re working on training your dog to walk politely on leash, you can clip your leash to the D-ring on the small martingale loop.

Then when you’re done training, you can clip your leash to the D-ring on the regular part of the collar.

Mighty Paw Leash

I also have many different Mighty Paw leashes, but my three favorite ones on my Mighty Paw dog gear list are their hands-free bungee leash 2.0, their dual handle dog leash and their long dog leash (15′ and 30′).

The first two are super effective to regain control over your dog in various situations.

For example, when you’re:

  • At the vet’s
  • Crossing a busy road
  • Needing to correct your lunging dog
  • On a narrow hiking trail with oncoming traffic
  • Working on polite leash manners/door manners

Hands-Free Bungee Leash 2.0

As the name suggests, the Mighty Paw Hands-Free Bungee Leash 2.0 has a bungee feature.

That’s the part that connects your dog to your waist belt. And yep, the waist belt is part of this leash system when you buy it.

What I love about this particular leash system is that the ergonomic waist belt works together with the force-absorbing bungee leash.

So even when your pup suddenly pulls, it doesn’t affect your body as much as it would on a static leash. Plus, it’s really easy to keep them next to you thanks to the built-in traffic handle.

Check out the (Amazon) video below to see how it works:

How we're using the hands-free Mighty Paw bungee leash

These are the features of the Mighty Paw Hands-Free Bungee Leash 2.0:

  • One-size-fits-all ergonomic waistbelt (adjusts from 27″-48″)
  • Neoprene padding on both handles
  • Reinforced security clasps
  • Strong, 4′ bungee leash
  • Built-in traffic handle
  • Reflective stitching

It’s available in green and orange, and I actually have both colors.

Also, it works as a standalone bungee leash, so you don’t have to clip it to your waist belt.

That’s how we’ve used it before, for example when we took Wally swimming in Croatia:

Taking Wally swimming in Croatia on the Mighty Paw Hands-Free Bungee Leash 2.0

Dual Handle Dog Leash

The dual handle leash comes in 2 color choices, gray & lime and black & orange.

I actually have both, but the pictures below feature the gray & lime one.

These are all of its features:

  • 6′ long
  • (Carabiner) clip
  • Durable hardware
  • 2 padded handles
  • Weatherproof nylon that’s easy to wipe down
  • Reflective stitching on both sides of the leash

Good to know: They have two variations of the dual handle dog leash.

One comes with a regular dog leash clip, and the other leash has a carabiner clip.

Testing Mighty Paw’s Dual Handle Dog Leash With GSD Stanley

Back in 2018, I checked in with the owners of one of my daily dog walking clients, GSD Stanley, about testing the leash with him.

They were on board and told me that they had been looking for a shorter leash to take him to busy places anyways.

So this was the perfect opportunity to see how I’d be able to handle Stanley on the traffic handle that’s closest to his head.

I will say that Stanley was fairly well-behaved overall, but every now and then he got a little reactive when we walked by other dogs.

Professional dog walker with storm whistle and tick twister
See the traffic handle on the Mighty Paw leash?
Walking Past A Reactive Dog

There’s one particular pup in his neighborhood whose house we passed every time when we went for a walk.

This pup was a Great Dane who was staked out in the front yard a lot. Of course he turned into a lunging beast of sorts whenever he saw us walk by.

I can’t say that I blamed him since staking him out there was NOT exactly the right outlet for his energy, but that’s a topic for another day.

What I usually did when we walked by his house was I wrapped Stanley’s 6ft leather leash around my hand to keep him from acting up.

But that changed once I could grab the second handle (the traffic handle closest to his head) with my left hand, and hold the main handle in my right hand.

I felt 100% in control, Stanley didn’t act up, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft the padded handles felt on my hands.

Mighty Paw's Dual Handle Leash Features Padded Handles

The padded handles offer comfort for you hands, even when walking a dog with a tendency of pulling.

Walking Along A Busy Street

This is also how we walked along a fairly busy street, and again, it was super effective in keeping him right next to me.

Fun fact: Stanley ended up getting a Mighty Paw dual handle leash after I shared a video of our walk with his humans!

Long Dog Leash

Mighty Paw’s long dog leash comes in 15′ and 30′.

I personally have the 30′ dog leash for Wally and mostly use it for hiking in open spaces.

I’ll usually clip it to the back leash attachment point on his harness, but will clip it to his collar when there’s oncoming doggie traffic. That way, I have more control over him.

Hiking adventure with Wally on the Mighty Paw long dog leash
Hiking with Wally on Mighty Paw’s 30′ long dog leash

It also comes in real handy to keep him safe when we’re camping and he’s not hanging out in a fenced-in area.

Keeping Wally safe on Mighty Paw's 30' dog leash at a camping site

These are the features of the Mighty Paw Long Dog Leash:

  • Sizes: 15′ or 30′
  • Only available in black
  • Made of weatherproof nylon
  • Padded handle for added comfort
  • Handle buckle opens to secure the leash around trees, benches, etc.

Mighty Paw Harness

Mighty Paw has 3 different dog harnesses, and my favorite one is the Mighty Paw Sport Harness 2.0.

It’s very versatile and makes a great everyday walking and hiking harness. It even works as a dog car harness, although I have to point out that Mighty Paw also has a specific car harness.

That said, my favorite feature of the Mighty Paw harness is that is has a handle on the back.

We’ve used it to lift Wally in and out of all sorts of bodies of water, over obstacles, and lately even into our rooftop tent!

That was on a recent overlanding trip, and you can check out the video below:

Lifting Wally up into our rooftop tent with Mighty Paw's Sport Harness 2.0

These are the features of the Sport Harness 2.0:

  • Durable fabric
  • Padded interior
  • Handle on the back
  • Reflective stitching
  • Quick release buckles
  • No pull front leash attachment
  • Adjustable neck and chest straps

To see how it compares to the Ruffwear Front Range harness, click the link below that will take you to my review blog post:

Mighty Paw vs Ruffwear harness: Which is better?

OK, next up, let’s look at my favorite Mighty Paw dog gear accessories.

Mighty Paw Poop Bag Holder & Poop Bags

First on my list of favorite Mighty Paw dog gear accessories are the Mighty Paw poop bag holder and their biodegradable poop bags.

The poop bag holder also comes in gray & lime and black & orange, but I only have the gray & lime one.

The poop bags are available in orange and green, and I’ve switched back and forth between both colors.

As far as the poop bag holder, it’s made of soft material. Before I started using this one, I only ever had hard-shell poop bag holders.

What I love about this soft one is that it’s spacious enough on the inside to hold an additional roll of poop bags and a lip balm. You could even fit a key in there and a few small training treats.

Back when I kept my hard-shell poop bag dispenser attached to the cross-body bag I walked client dogs with, the cap would often come undone.

Of course that meant that the roll of poop bags unrolled, and I had a long line of poop bags following behind me.

Super annoying.

It would also make this clanking sound when it hit my purse with every step I took. I will say that I got used to that one, but not hearing the “clank” with the soft poop bag holder was a nice change.

Features of the Mighty Paw Poop Bag Holder

  • Zippered pouch
  • Carabiner clip
  • 2 velcro straps
  • Easy access slot
  • Weatherproof material
  • Durable hardware
  • Spacious interior

I really like that I can either attach it to a leash with its velcro straps, or I can clip it to any loop opening with its carabiner clip. Think harness, purse, backpack, belt loop, etc.

With my personal dogs, I usually clip it to their harness.

Back when I was out walking client dogs, I’d usually clip it to my cross body purse. That way, I didn’t have to remember to take it back off of the respective client pup I walked.

Also, I will say that when I clip it to a leash with the velcro straps, it stays attached but it doesn’t stay in place.

Walking GSD Stanley On Mighty Paw's Dual Handle Dog Leash
See how the poop bag holder is sliding down on the leash?

Update 2023: After 5 years of daily rain or shine usage, I finally had to toss my soft Mighty Paw poop bag holder as its material was starting to get really thin.

Time for a new one!

Mighty Paw Dog Treat Pouches

Next up on my list of favorite Mighty Paw dog gear accessories are their dog treat pouches.

Their original treat pouch has a drawstring opening, and their newer 2.0 version has a magnetic closure.

Both hold about 2 cups of treats, have lots of storage options and a built-in poop bag dispenser.

Mighty Paw dog treat pouches
Mighty Paw’s two dog treat pouches

I personally prefer the Mighty Paw dog treat pouch 2.0 because it gives you the option to carry it as a cross-body bag, or clip it to your clothes.

The original treat pouch only clips to your clothes. If you’d like to learn more about it, click below to read the blog post I wrote about it:

Mighty Paw’s Dog Treat Pouch – Perfect For Dog Walking & Training

That said, both are great for dog training sessions both inside as well as on walks or hikes.

The video below features the original pouch with my late pup Missy and her brother Buzz. We used it when we were playing hide & seek throughout the house on a hot summer’s day in 2017.

You’ll have to excuse the sound quality because I took the video on my old smart phone that was having some microphone issues.

And here’s a (Amazon) video of the Mighty Paw dog treat pouch 2.0 out on a walk with my dog Wally:

Reviewing the Mighty Paw dog treat pouch 2.0 on a walk

Mighty Paw Car Seatbelt

As far as car seatbelts for dogs, Mighty Paw has several different car seatbelts.

But the one I use most frequently is the so-called headrest dog seatbelt.

As the name suggests, it attaches around the headrest. Ideally, the headrest of one of the backseats.

Securing Wally with the Mighty Paw headrest seatbelt
Securing Wally with the Mighty Paw headrest seatbelt

Since it doesn’t attach to the latch bar like many other dog car seatbelts, it’s easy and fast to switch it back and forth between different cars.

These are the features of the Mighty Paw Headrest Seatbelt:

  • Universal design fits over any car headrest
  • Adjustable length (18.5″-30″)
  • Reinforced tactical buckle
  • All metal hardware
  • Doubles as leash
Wally riding in the back of our SUV, secured with the Mighty Paw headrest seatbelt
Wally riding in the back of our SUV, secured with the Mighty Paw headrest seatbelt

Mighty Paw Dog Gear Ships Free & Has A Satisfaction Guarantee

…when you place Mighty Paw dog gear Amazon orders with a Prime membership.

As far as their customer satisfaction guarantee, Mighty Paw does offer returns in exchange for the old product and proof of purchase.

You can return the Mighty Paw dog gear if it’s not the right fit or if it’s damaged within 30 days of buying it throughout the entire year.

If you purchased the products between November and December, you even get a 3 month return window.

For more detailed information, you can check out the Mighty Paw refund policy here.

Might Paw Dog Gear: Bottom Line

If you’re looking for affordable, durable, and practical dog here, you should try some Mighty Paw dog gear!

Remember, their customer satisfaction guarantee lets you return any product within 30 days.

My personal favorites are the Mighty Paw:

  • Hands-free bungee leash 2.0
  • Dual handle dog leash
  • 30′ long dog leash
  • Headrest seatbelt
  • Treat pouch 2.0
  • Sport Harness 2.0
  • Poop bag holder
  • Dog poop bags

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