Fitness For The Body & Soul - Walking The Grounds Of Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate with Dogs: Walking the Grounds with Missy

I highly recommend you explore the Biltmore Estate with dogs!

On our way back home from Memphis, TN, that’s exactly what Missy & I did when we finally got a chance to walk the beautiful grounds of Biltmore Estate.

We left Saturday morning and made the 6 hour drive to Knoxville, TN. We spent the night at the same pet-friendly economy hotel Red Roof Inn we had stayed at 2 weeks before. 

Sunday morning at 7:30, we left the hotel and thoroughly enjoyed our trip back through the Great Smokeys. There’s just something calming and majestic about the mountains! 

We hadn’t had the time to stop for a walk or hike on our way to Knoxville two weeks ago, but we certainly did on our way back.

Our Sunday was wide open with no specific time we needed to be back in Fayetteville.

That’s why we took exit 50 off of I-40 East after we had been on the road for 2 hours, and followed the signs to the Biltmore Estate, finished in 1895 by George Vanderbilt.

Biltmore Estate with Dogs: Walking the Grounds with Missy

Walking the dog-friendly grounds of Biltmore Estate

Conveniently Located In Asheville, NC Right Off Of I-40

Biltmore Estate is very conveniently located in Asheville, just about a 5 minute drive from the Interstate.

Leashed dogs are allowed on the entirety of the estate grounds – they cover 8,000 acres.

That means you could walk all day long!

Map Showing Biltmore Estate Located Off Of I-40 in Asheville, NC
Biltmore Estate map
Gardens & Trails At The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC
Gardens & Trails at Biltmore Estate

Biltmore House

We did have to purchase a ticket at the Estate’s Welcome Center before being able to pull into the main parking lot.

From there, it took us about 5 minutes to walk to the Biltmore House (there are also shuttle busses).

Walking Up To Biltmore Estate From The Parking Lot Area
Walking up to Biltmore Estate from the parking lot area

The ticket grants access to the Biltmore House & gardens, as well as to their current exhibition Fashionable Romance: 60 Years of Vanderbilt Family Wedding Fashion

It features Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Veil (Jackie was the cousin of Mary Lee Ryan who married George Vanderbilt’s grandson William A.V. Cecil).

It also includes a free wine tasting at the Estate Winery.

Missy In Front Of Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC
Missy In Front Of Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC

Side Note: Did you know that the Biltmore House is the largest privately owned home in the USA? It’s 175,000 sf (= 16,258 sm; yes, you read that right!) and features 34 bedrooms & 43 bathrooms.

Since dogs aren’t allowed inside the Biltmore House (exception applies to service dogs), we didn’t get to tour it.

That was quite alright with us as we were more interested in enjoying the good mountain air and the fabulous views.

Although – YES, I do admit that I would have been interested in seeing Jackie Kennedy’s wedding veil.

Missy Posing At Biltmore Estate With The Great Smokeys In The Background
Missy posing on a stone wall seat with breathtaking views at Biltmore Estate

Mother Nature’s Beauty

We certainly DID get our fair share of fresh mountain air and gorgeous views of Mother Nature’s beauty in the 2 hours we spent at Biltmore.

Of course we only saw a fraction of the grounds, namely the Library & South Terraces, the Italian Garden & the Shrub Garden. 

We’ll have to come back during fall and experience the Spring Garden, Walled Garden, Rose Garden, Conservatory, Azalea Garden as well as the Bass Pond & Boat House!

Fitness For The Body & Soul at Biltmore Estate:Italian Gardens
Strolling the Italian Gardens at the Biltmore Estate
Walking The Gardens At Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC
Exploring a gravel path through the gardens at Biltmore Estate
Missy & Mommy About To Explore Deer Park Trail at Biltmore Estate
About to explore deer park trail at Biltmore Estate
Missy & Mommy Went For A Walk With Breathtaking Views At Biltmore Estate
Breathtaking views along Deer Park Trail at Biltmore Estate

Core-Strengthening Exercise

While we did of course enjoy the beautiful scenery (Mommy) and most interesting smells (Missy), we were also able to incorporate some core-strenghtening exercises while walking the Estate Grounds.

We walked up & down several flights of stairs, and Missy took a closer look at the Koi & goldfish in the water gardens by putting her front paws up on the surrounding small wall.

Now THAT’s a fun way of exercising, isn’t it?!

Missy Walking Up & Down Flights Of Stairs At Biltmore Estate
Missy walking up & down flights of stairs at Biltmore Estate
Missy Strengthening Her Core By Placing Her Front Paws on The Wall Surrounding The Water Garden At Biltmore Estate
Missy strengthening her core by placing her front paws on a small wall

Biltmore Estate with Dogs: Bottom Line

Our 2 hour excursion to the Biltmore Estate was THE perfect break from our road trip.

Besides getting to empty our K9 & human bladders, we enjoyed the fresh air & spectacular views of the surrounding mountains all while stretching our legs.

Missy was busy picking up her doggie news and Mommy reminisced about our past 2 weeks of vacationing in Memphis.

Samantha Brown Destinations – The Biltmore Estate

On our way back to the Interstate we stopped off at the local Starbucks, VERY conveniently located right after the first right hand turn out of the Estate’s gate.

Mommy had her personal Starbucks cup filled up with a tasty cappuccino that was accompanied by the clerk’s words “May it carry you through the day” – which it certainly did!

Starbucks Right Outside of Biltmore Estate Gate in Ashville, NC
Starbucks Conveniently Located Right Outside The Biltmore Estate Gate in Asheville, NC

Have you visited the Biltmore Estate? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

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    6 responses to “Biltmore Estate with Dogs: Walking the Grounds with Missy”

    1. 2 brown dawgs blog Avatar

      That looks like the perfect place for a break and it looks like the weather was perfect too.

      1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

        Oh yes, it sure was!!

    2. Beth Avatar

      I’ve driven by the the Biltmore, but I’ve never stopped there. I had no idea dogs were allowed on the grounds! We might have to make a stop in the near future 🙂

      1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

        This was the first time for me as well although I’ve driven by a few times now. I’d love to go during fall & winter as well. Must be gorgeous covered in snow 🙂

    3. Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets Avatar
      Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

      I love places like that, and hope I get to stop there someday. It sounds like there’s so much to see! I love that the grounds are dog friendly – did you see anyone else there with their dogs?

      1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

        I did! There were 3 or 4 couples who had their pup(s) in tow 🙂 There are no poop bag stations along the way, but plenty of trash cans. Apparently the winery on the grounds has a dog-friendly al-fresco dining area, too!

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