How to make homemade raw dog food

Homemade Raw Dog Food

Ready to learn how to make DIY homemade raw dog food?

As in complete raw dog food, not just a chicken leg quarter with beef liver and chopped carrots. That’s BS raw dog food because it’s super incomplete.

It’s more along the lines of this raw food recipe for dogs:

  • 5 lbs ground chicken or beef
  • 3 lbs beef green tripe, goat green tripe or lamb green tripe (affiliate links, use K9Savings for 15% off)
  • 1.4 lbs sardines (canned in water or raw) or Atlantic salmon
  • 1.4 lb plant matter mix (puréed spinach, pumpkin purée, apple, blueberries, chia seeds, ground & soaked almonds)
  • 1.8 lb rabbit heads or duck heads
  • 11 oz calf liver
  • 11 oz beef kidney (affiliate link, use K9Savings for 15% off)

This will last a healthy, 40 lb adult dog who exercises moderately about 14 days (feed about 3oz daily for every 10lb of dog weight).

Here, you’ll get tons of resources that cover everything you need for making your own raw dog food.

Benefits of Homemade Raw Dog Food

The main benefit of raw dog food meal prep for dogs and homemade raw dog food is that it’s CHEAPER than buying expensive premade raw meals!

Premade raw dog food is a great option when price isn’t a concern or when you’re feeding small breeds who don’t eat a lot of raw dog food due to their size.

However, their convenience factor gets expensive very quickly when you’re feeding several, especially larger, dogs.

With homemade raw dog food, you can easily save hundreds of dollars every month by cutting out that convenience factor, pun intended!

How do you make homemade raw dog food

The savings can grow exponentially if you’re able to take advantage of raw meat sales and have the freezer space to buy raw cuts of meat in bulk.

Below you’ll find helpful resources that teach you how to come up with your own DIY raw dog food recipes, including:

  • What DIY raw dog food needs to consist of
  • What foods can safely be eaten raw
  • Where to even start when making your own raw dog food
  • Tricks and hacks for raw dog food meal prep
  • How to prepare and store raw dog food
  • How to include kibble into raw feeding if money is tight at the moment
  • Getting the right raw dog food formula
  • How to measure percentages in raw feeding
  • Knowing how much of what to feed
  • How much raw dog food to feed a puppy
  • Getting the correct portions of organs to meat to bone
  • Determining the amount of bone to feed
  • How to add enough bone content to boneless meat
  • Where to get enough variety ingredients for your homemade raw dog food
  • Finding places to buy ingredients, including organ meat
  • Finding meaty bones besides chicken feet and turkey necks
  • Raw dog food recipe ideas
  • Which protein sources you can use
  • Getting your picky eater to actually eat raw food
  • Raw dog food for cancer patients
  • …and so much more!

So regardless of whether you’re new to this all or you’re just looking for some extra raw dog food recipe inspiration, you’ll be sure to find something on my blog!

For Raw Dog Food Beginners

Raw dog food consists of muscle meat, secreting organs, and raw meaty bones. Fruit and veggies are an optional add-on. This article explains which cuts of meat fall into the different categories.

Balanced raw dog food consists of 4 main components, one optional. Learn all about them, including BARF and PMR raw dog food.

Quick Start Guide To Raw Dog Food Using The Gentle Hybrid Method

My quick start guide to raw dog food shows you how to easily transition your dog from kibble to raw dog food using the gentle hybrid method.

meal plan raw food diet for dogs

Learn how to raw meal prep for dogs and how to make raw dog food in bulk! It’s easy and cheaper than store-bought raw dog food.

How Much Raw Dog Food To Feed

Understanding the math in BARF and PMR raw dog food

You’ll get worksheets and pre-calculated raw feeding charts for adult dogs and puppies (BARF & PMR). Also covers bone to meat ratios on RMBs.

How To Figure Out How Much Raw Dog Food To Feed

How much raw dog food your dog needs depends on 3 factors. Here’s how to calculate raw dog food portions (no worksheets).

How to measure percentages in raw feeding

Percentages in raw feeding like 80/10/10 or 70/10/5/5 are important if you make DIY raw meals. Also: 2-4% of target body weight per day.

I have 10lbs of meat - what else do I need for DIY raw dog food?

Learn what DIY raw dog food consists of and what else to add to ground or breast meats to make it balanced raw dog food.

Raw Dog Food for Puppies - How much and what plus recipe

In this blog post, you’ll learn all about raw dog food for puppies including a free raw dog food recipe, shopping lists and a discount code.

How to feed your small dog raw dog food

Learn how to feed your small dog raw dog food here! I suggest specific brands and also offer advice on making homemade raw dog food.

Secreting Organs

Raw liver for dogs - All your questions answered

Liver is a natural multivitamin and an essential part of raw feeding that many people underestimate. Learn all about it here.

How much raw kidney should I feed my dog?

Raw kidneys are an important puzzle piece in raw feeding. Learn why & how feeding amounts differ between adult dogs & puppies.

Raw spleen for dogs - all you need to know

Raw spleen is rich in a variety of nutrients which makes it a natural multivitamin and an essential component in raw feeding.

How to feed raw beef eyeballs for dogs - advanced level

Raw beef eyeballs for dogs are a great secreting organ to add to homemade raw dog food. Learn where to buy and how to feed them in my free recipe!

How to feed brains in raw dog food

Learn why raw brains for dogs are safe to feed, in what amounts they’re added to raw dog food as well as where to source them.

How To Use Raw Pancreas For Dogs To Support Digestive Health

Raw pancreas for dogs is a preventative whole food for healthy dogs and helps with pancreatic insufficiencies like pancreatitis, EPI, SID or IBD.

Raw testicles for dogs

Testicles for raw dog food are great to round out a raw diet and provide nutrient variety. Use as a second secreting organ in DIY raw dog food.

I use this easy hack to store my secreting organs

Check out this hack I found to store my secreting organ mixes in! It makes it super easy to use them, especially for raw meal prep.

Muscle Meat

Why raw hearts for dogs are a powerful organ meat

Raw hearts for dogs are important in raw feeding. Learn about different nutrients in hearts from different animals, how much to feed & more.

Gizzards for Dogs: How (Much) to Feed & More

Gizzards for dogs are a nutritious cut of meat that’s unique to specific animals. Learn how (much) to feed, where to buy gizzards & more!

All About Raw Green Tripe for Dogs

Green tripe for dogs is an exceptionally nutritional cut of meat. Learn where to buy, how much to feed & more!

Raw lung for dogs

Raw lung for dogs is fed as a specific organ meat in raw feeding. Learn where to buy individual cuts of lung as well as premade blends that use lung in their recipe!

Raw trachea for dogs - what it is, why it's good and where to buy

Raw trachea for dogs is fed as part of a specific category in raw feeding. I’s great for dog joint health and strengthens your dog’s trachea.

For the more adventurous raw feeder - beef oxlips for dogs

Beef oxlips for dogs are fed as muscle meat in raw dog food. They’re an odd looking cut of meat with spikes on the front and a clear back.

For The More Adventurous Raw Feeder - Pork Uterus

Raw pork uterus is fed as muscle meat in raw feeding. Its somewhat slimy consistency is why some dogs like it better partially frozen.

2 ingredient organ meats for dogs recipe

Organ meat for dogs is essential in raw feeding, especially for homemade raw dog food. This organ meat recipe is easy to make and nutritious!

Raw Meaty Bones (RMBs)

Determining the amount of bone to feed your dog

Learn how to determine the amount of bones to feed your dog in DIY raw dog food.

How to safely feed your dog raw meaty bones

It’s important to follow a few safety guidelines of do’s and don’ts when feeding raw meaty bones.

Where to buy Raw Meaty Bones for Dogs

From grocery stores to online raw dog food retailers, here’s where to buy raw meaty bones for DIY raw feeding.

Why are raw rabbit heads good for dogs?

Raw rabbit heads are hypoallergenic raw meaty bones that are fully edible. They consist mostly of bone but also have some muscle meat on them.

For the more adventurous raw feeder - Duck Heads

Raw duck heads for dogs are known as cooling raw meaty bones that help clean dog teeth and exercise their jaws.

Do Chicken Bones for Dogs Scare You?

Chicken bones for dogs have a bad reputation, but they can actually be a great addition to your dog’s diet as long as they’re fed THIS way!

Raw chicken feet for dogs

Raw chicken feet for dogs are fed as raw meaty bones in raw feeding! Learn how many chicken feet your dog can have, where to buy them & more.

How to feed raw frog legs for dogs

Looking for a hypoallergenic raw meaty bone alternative for chicken feet & turkey necks? Raw frog legs are it! They’re also lean and available from Raw Feeding Miami.

How much bone is in raw pigs feet?

Besides answering the question Can Dogs Eat Raw Pig Feet, I also break down the bone vs meat ratio in pig trotters.

Turkey necks for dogs: How to feed

Turkey necks for dogs are raw meaty bones that are easy to feed & digest, clean teeth & support healthy joints. Enter our quarterly giveaway for a chance to win some!

Fish In Raw Dog Food

How to feed raw fish for dogs

Raw fish is an important add-on to raw dog food. It has many health benefits and can be fed several different ways.

Where to buy raw salmon heads for dogs

Raw salmon heads for dogs are great because they trump bottled fish oil. But don’t feed raw salmon from the Pacific Northwest without doing one specific thing first!

The difference between mackerel and herring for raw-fed dogs

Learn about the difference between mackerel and herring in raw dog food. Discover their benefits, nutritional values, and where to buy.

Where to buy green lipped mussels for dogs - suppliers and discount codes

Find out where to buy green lipped mussels for dogs, their health benefits, when not to feed them and alternatives for dogs with shellfish allergies.

Can I feed my dog canned tuna?

I answer the question “Can I feed my dog tuna?” as well as how much to feed, fish alternatives, a recipe, and where to save on fish.

Plant Matter, Add Ons & Supplements In Raw Feeding

Raw dog food with vegetables - yes or no?

Vegetables in raw dog food are important if you omit certain cuts of raw meat. You can either add your own or buy pre-made raw with veggies.

Dr. Harvey's Paradigm Dog Food - how to feed + recipe ideas

Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm dog food is a mix of dehydrated low-carb veggies & herbs. It’s used with cooked or raw meat and oils. Click for unique recipes!

How to safely feed seeds and nuts for dogs

Learn how to feed seeds and nuts for dogs the safe way, and which ones are jam packed with nutrients like Vitamin E and omega-3 fatty acids!

How to add fur to raw dog food

It’s important to add fur to raw dog food, especially when making your own. The furry food sources I mention are easy to order & affordable.

5 Natural Antioxidants for Dogs that boost the immune system

Natural antioxidants for dogs have many benefits! Thankfully, many are easy to source and feed. Bonus: They make great dog food toppers!

Turmeric paste for dogs: 5 key benefits & how to DIY

Turmeric paste for dogs has anti-inflammatory benefits which makes it a great anti-cancer supplement. It’s easy and quick to make at home, but you can also find it at the store.

The Benefits of Kelp for Dogs: A Powerful Whole Food

Kelp for dogs is a seaweed that’s a powerful whole food nutritional supplement for dogs and cats! Grab kelp powder for dogs for 15% off here.

Phytoplankton for dogs

Phytoplankton for dogs is a nutrient rich whole food you can top your dog’s (raw) dog food off with. Learn more about its benefits, how it compares to kelp and where to buy.

All about garlic for dogs and yes, it's safe

Did you know that garlic is perfectly safe when fed in moderation? It has anti-microbial, bacterial, & cancer benefits. It also helps prevents fleas!

Add this to your homemade pumpkin puree for dogs to make it even better

You can easily improve your homemade pumpkin puree for dogs by adding this simple health booster! It’s also great for picky eaters!

Can I feed my dog raw duck eggs?

Raw duck eggs for dogs are a great alternative for dogs who can’t have chicken eggs! They’re actually higher in protein, iron, and…

Protein Rotation In Raw Feeding

Raw chicken for dogs: How to feed, where to buy it & more

Raw chicken for dogs is safe to feed, even select chicken from the grocery store. Learn how to prepare it, which cuts to use and more!

Where to Buy Raw Duck for Dogs & How to Feed It

Find out where to buy raw duck for dogs as well as freeze-dried duck dog food when you’re traveling + recipe ideas for duck raw dog food!

Raw turkey for dogs, cuts to feed, where to source & more

Raw turkey for dogs is a lean protein that’s chock-full of vital minerals and vitamins! Save on raw turkey dog food with my 15% OFF discount code.

Raw quail for dogs

Raw quail for dogs is a lean protein alternative for dogs with certain food sensitivities. Get quail dog food recipe inspiration & more!

Raw beef dog food - which cuts, where to buy & more

Feeding raw beef dog food can be as easy as ordering premade raw meals. Or make your own raw beef dog food – I have resources for both!

Raw lamb for dogs

How good is lamb for raw dog food? We’ll look at the benefits, cons, which cuts of lamb to feed and where to buy them.

Resources for DIY and premade goat raw dog food

Raw dog food with goat is great for dogs with allergies to common protein sources like beef and chicken.

Rabbit for raw dog food

Find out where to source rabbit for your raw dog food along with tips for picky eaters!

Pork Raw Dog Food: Yay or Nay?

Pork raw dog food is a cooling protein source for dogs with food allergies. Learn why it’s safe to feed along with a raw dog food recipe idea.

How to feed your dog wild raw venison

I’ve been making my own raw dog food since 2016 and today I’m sharing how to feed your dog wild raw venison, along with a recipe!

Is raw beaver OK to feed to dogs?

Raw beaver is a hypoallergenic protein source that’s great for raw-fed dogs with allergies. Learn where to source it in the US & more!

Tips & Hacks For DIY Raw Dog Food

How to feed your dog raw on a budget

I’ve been feeding my pups raw since 2015 and have learned how to keep raw dog food affordable! Check out my tips and promo codes here!

Three reasons not to make homemade raw dog food

In this blog post, I share 3 specific reasons why you may not want to make homemade raw dog food and stick with store-bought raw dog food after all.

How to include healthy fats in raw dog food

It’s as important to put healthy fats in raw dog food as it is to balance them. To do this, know which foods are rich in Omega-3s and 6s!

Chest freezer or upright freezer for raw dog food?

What size freezer for raw dog food to invest in depends on a few variables, but one thing’s clear: Freezer space is a worthwhile investment because it makes raw dog food more affordable.

9 tips to organize a raw dog food freezer

Peek into my 3 raw dog food freezer set ups to get chest freezer organization ideas, storage tips for upright freezers, small freezers & more!

Free printable raw dog food inventory sheets

These FREE raw dog food inventory sheets will help you plan your raw meals! They’re great to see what’s in your freezer, pantry and spice rack without opening them.

Reasons & solutions for hunger pukes in raw-fed dogs

Vomiting foamy yellow stuff is usually an indicator for hunger pukes in raw-fed dogs. Learn about the causes & how to prevent/treat acute cases of yellow bile puke

How to make your raw-fed dog eat slower: Dog slow feeders

I started using dog slow feeders to stop my pup Wally from inhaling his raw dog food. My 7 favorite ones are affordable and dishwasher safe!

Why is my dog constipated on raw dog food

If your dog is constipated on a raw diet, you’re probably feeding too much bone. Learn about the ideal bone amount & how to help him poop easier.

How to talk to your anti raw vet about feeding dogs a raw diet

Talk to your anti raw vet from a position of knowledge! That includes sharing hard facts, resources and recipes you feed.

How to feed raw dog food without the mess

Have you wondered how to feed raw dog food without the mess? It’s fairly easy and only requires a few rules and smart tools!

Why Do Dogs Regurgitate raw dog food

Why do dogs regurgitate raw dog food? There are 3 great solutions to prevent regurgitation in dogs, and the third one worked for my pup!

Most practical cutting boards for raw dog food

Discover the best cutting boards for raw dog food meal prep! Find durable, hygienic options that are easy to clean.

K9sOverCoffee Guest post: Healthy raw dog food with Lizzy Meyer

In this guest blog post, Lizzy Meyer shares her approach to feeding 3 pups raw dog food and what it means to be a flexible fresh food feeder.

Can you combine raw feeding with kibble?

Kibble and raw dog food digest at different rates, which is why it’s important to understand how to safely feed them together!

I found out what my dog is allergic to with Pet Medella

Pet Medella’s Bioenergetic Scan helped me find out what my Boxer mix Missy doesn’t do well with. It’s a holistic test for allergies and sensitivities.

This controversial dog food allergy test gave me helpful results

This controversial dog food allergy test identified 21 types of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and grains my dog is allergic to! No more scratching for us!

Things I learned from Dogs Naturally Raw Feeding Course

Reader Jake asked me what I learned – if anything – from Dogs Naturally Raw Feeding Course. Here’s my answer.

Dog won't eat raw dog food? try these 9 easy hacks

There are specific reasons why your dog doesn’t eat his raw dog food (anymore). Find out why, hacks to fix the problem, and alternatives!

How To Feed Raw When Overlanding With Your Dog

In this blog entry, I share 4 approaches that have worked for me as well as 2 alternatives to raw dog food when you’re on the road!

Raw Dog Food Game Changers

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Save 10% on your first order of anything at Raw Feeding Miami with this referral link.


Mighty Paw’s Slow Feed Insert combined with Yeti’s Boomer 4 Dog Bowl. Both are top rack dishwasher safe.


Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm Base Mix. It’s low-carb which is particularly great for dogs on a keto diet and those with health issues like diabetes and cancer.

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