2 DIY burlap Christmas stockings for dogs hanging from a fireplace

How To DIY A Burlap Dog Christmas Stocking

Today’s all about making a burlap Dog Christmas Stocking for your pup(s)!

After all, the holidays are family days and if you’re reading my blog, it’s very likely that you consider your pup part of your family.

Just like Missy & Buzz are part of mine!

As such, I felt that they needed their very own stockings.

Of course they agreed with me when I ran the idea by them, haha!

Since I love the shabby chic look of burlap, it was a no-brainer that their dog Christmas stockings would have to be made of just that fabric. 

K9sOverCoffee.com | How to DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog

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Dog Christmas Stockings Personalized: What You Need For This Project

OK, let’s get started!

I found all my supplies at Walmart with the exception of the double faced ribbon that I still had at home.

If you don’t have any in your gift supplies, get some at a Michael’s or on Amazon.

The burlap bags came in a set of 3 for $2.47, and the bag of 45 medium sized (.63 inches = 16 millimeter) silver and gold jingle bells was also $2.47.

The gift tags were $2.97 and included sisal twine, and the painters pen in gold was $1.97, for a grand total of $9.88 + tax

I only used one of the three burlap bags because I still had one at home.

K9sOverCoffee | How To DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog - What You Need For This Project

If you don’t have any at home, you can probably find some at Michael’s as well, or get burlap bags on Amazon.

They’re really inexpensive – you’re looking to spend around $20 for 75ish burlap bags (with drawstring).

K9sOverCoffee | FeedPetPurveyor Burlap Sack

How to Make The Dog Christmas Stockings: 5 Easy Steps

Now without further ado, here’s how I made the Dog Christmas Stockings for Missy & Buzz:

Step 1 – Attach Sisal Twine & Jingle Bells To Gift Tag 

What you’ll want to do first is cut off a piece of sisal twine and attach it to the gift tag.

I used a generous length because I wasn’t sure how long it would have to be for the tag to look good on the bag. 

Once the twine holds up the gift tag, add however many jingle bells you’d like.

I opted for a minimalistic look and only added two per tag.

K9sOverCoffee | K9sOverCoffee | How To DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog - Attaching Sisal Twine & Jingle Bells To Gift Tag

Step 2 – Dog Christmas Stockings Personalized: Write Your Dog’s Name On The Gift Tag

Next, write your dog’s name on the gift tag.

I decided to go with a gold painters pen in ultra fine.

Wait a few moments for the ink to dry before you attach the tag to the bag.

K9sOverCoffee | How To DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog - Writing Your Dog's Names On Gift Tags

Step 3 – Attach Gift Tag To Burlap Bag

Once the ink has dried, attach the gift tag to the burlap bag.

I tied it to the jute twine drawstring with a simple knot and then cut off the extra sisal twine under the knot.

K9sOverCoffee | How To DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog - Attaching The Gift Tag To The Burlap Bag
K9sOverCoffee | How To DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog - Trimming The Extra Sisal Twine

Step 4 – Feed Satin Ribbon Through Jute Twine

I chose an antique white satin ribbon for Buzz’s stocking, and an antique pink one for Missy’s, but go with whatever color you like best. 

I simply threaded it under and over the jute drawstring without using any glue or sewing it in place.

Too easy and it holds up nicely.

K9sOverCoffee | How To DIY A Burlap Christmas Stocking For Your Dog - Feeding Satin Ribbon Through Jute Twine

Step 5 – Dog Christmas Stockings with Treats: Fill It & Hang It!

Now comes the fun part – fill it and hang it up on the mantel!

For now, both pups have Raw Boost lamb mixers in their stockings.

They’re a single-ingredient, freeze-dried dog food that I buy in their trial size packages.

Petco sells four for the price of three, and you can also find them on Amazon.

They make perfect single-ingredient dog training treats and are a wonderful means of adding lamb to the pups’ protein selection.

Tip: They also work great as a kibble topper for picky eaters!

What should I put in my dog christmas stocking
What should I put in my Dog Christmas Stocking?

Rest assured that the pups will find other goodies in their stockings besides the lamb ones…

I foresee extra thick bully sticks and pig ears, some of their favorite chews that last the longest around here.

Check out my blog post The best Stocking Stuffers for Raw-Fed Dogs to see what all ended up in the pups’ stockings!

Spoiler alert: All the stuffers work for kibble-fed dogs as well. As a matter of fact, they make a healthy booster to their dry dog food!

Dog christmas stocking with treats
Dog Christmas Stocking with treats
Prevent dog tartar build up with super thick dog chews from Real Dog
Missy with an extra thick bully stick
K9sOverCoffee | A Twist On Doggie Dental Care - Buzz Chewing On A Pig Ear
Buzz chewing on a pig ear

Where To Hang The Stocking If You Don’t Have a Fireplace

If you don’t have a fireplace, you can hang your stocking on the bannister of a staircase, a door knob or a piece of furniture such as a dresser.

You could also invest in a Dog Christmas Stocking Holder.

For example, a cute Dog Paw Christmas Stocking Holder.

Or simply hang it on a chair – make sure that your pup can’t get to it though if he or she is an investigative chewer…

Dog Christmas Stocking: Bottom Line

Our no-sew burlap dog christmas stockings are rustic charmers that work well with the pups’ recently completed DIY dog bed frame.

Missy & Buzz Snoozing In their Rustic DIY Dog Bed Frame
Missy & Buzz snoozing in their DIY dog bed

Besides looking good in our home, they also make great low-budget Christmas gifts for dog lovers.

I believe I’ll be gifting at least two this year…after all, I still have two extra burlap bags, tons of jingle bells, gift tags and sisal twine. 

The beauty of these stockings is that they don’t take long to DIY at all.

They also cost only a fraction of a pre-made one you’d find on Etsy.

Once you’ve gathered everything you need for the project, you can have one dog stocking done in 20 minutes or less. 

Happy crafting!

Do your pups have their own stockings? As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section!

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