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How to make raw dog food at home: Learn with the K9sOverCoffee community

Learn how to
make raw dog food at home!

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But first things first: Why should dogs eat raw? Because they were designed to eat it!

The benefits say it all! Learn more about them here.

  • Less allergies
  • Soft, shiny coat
  • Cleaner teeth
  • Reduced cancer risk
  • Stronger immune system
  • More energy

Hi, I’m Barbara Rivers – Dog Lover, Blogger, Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist, and Author – It’s So Nice to Meet You!

Welcome to my blog

K9sOverCoffee was founded by me, Barbara Rivers, as a personal blog back in 2014. That’s when my girl Missy, a 50 lb Boxer mix, was diagnosed with cancer at only 3 years of age. After Missy’s successful treatment, I began learning about the many benefits of a species-appropriate, raw diet and switched Missy and her brother Buzz, also a Boxer mix, from kibble to raw.

And sure enough, it helped. Missy was in remission from cancer for 3+ years before it came back. That’s 2.5 years longer than predicted by her oncologist. So even if it ultimately couldn’t keep cancer away from her, it bought her 2.5 extra years of adventures. It also kept her and Buzz’s teeth clean, got rid of Buzz’s ear infections, and kept their coats shiny and soft.

Raw dog food also helped Wally West with his awful skin allergies. He’s my new pup, a happy-go-lucky 40 35lb Feist mix. He came to me as a 1.5 year old itchy mess and desperately needed fresh food in his life. Fresh, raw dog food cured him of 95% of his itchiness!

I captured our raw dog food journey on this blog and have made it my mission to share the benefits with fellow dog lovers. I’ve written 3 ebooks featuring recipes and basic how to’s. I also got certified as a raw dog food nutrition specialist in early 2020 by Dogs Naturally Magazine University.

My Raw-Fed Pups

Missy & Buzz


But enough with the introductions – you’re probably wondering what raw dog food consists of, right?

It consists of muscle meat, secreting organs,
raw meaty bones and optional veggies/fruit/herbs

Muscle Meat

e.g. Beef green tripe

Secreting Organs

e.g. Beef liver

Raw Meaty Bones

e.g. Duck head

Optional Veggies/Fruit

e.g. Broccoli and Shiitake Mushrooms

How I meal prep raw dog food at home

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What blog and ebook readers have to say!

“Hi Barbara! I just wanted to say I downloaded your ebook and it’s been a HUGE help to me in my raw feeding journey. […] Thank you so much for getting back to me. Your page and resources are extremely helpful.”

Miranda & Calzone

Miranda & Calzone

German Shepherd/Bull Terrier Mix

“Barbara saved me so much time from scouring the internet for raw feeding information! She’s incredibly knowledgeable and I haven’t had an easier time with raw feeding than when I read through her blogs because all you need is right there! She also answered any questions I had, personally, and I’m so thankful for her!”

Haley with Annabelle & Atlas

Haley with Annabelle & Atlas

Border Collie & Shepherd/Husky Mix

[…] “I just wanted you to know you’re part of the reason I switched to raw – and knowing where to get my meat/organs and stuff from!” […]

Gloria with Gordy

Gloria with Gordy

MinPin Mix

P.S. Don’t let people tell you that raw feeding is crazy expensive! It can be, but it doesn’t have to be!

Here are my top 3 tips for keeping raw dog food on budget:

How to keep raw dog food affordable!

Learn more here!

1. Order in bulk to save

30 lb of ground rabbit from a farm for $5.50/lb

2. Shop for discounted meats at the grocery store

Ground lamb from a local grocery store for $2.99/lb

3. Invest in freezer space

Freezer chest for raw dog food

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