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How To Use Pig Tail Bones For Raw Dog Food

Pig tail bones are a fairly inexpensive cut of meat compared to others cuts and protein sources.

That’s great news when you’re looking for cheap raw dog food ingredients.

Specifically, when you’re making your own, homemade raw dog food.

So in this blog post, you’ll learn the following about raw pig tail bones:

  • What their benefits are
  • How you can feed them
  • When it’s OK to cook them
  • A raw dog food recipe idea with pig tails
  • Where you can buy raw pig tails in the US

How To Use Pig Tail Bones For Raw Dog Food

4 raw pig tail bones sitting in a stainless steel pan

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Raw Pig Tails For Dogs Benefits

In raw feeding, raw pig tail bones are categorized as raw meaty bones.

That means, they have both bone and meat on them – 30% bone and 70% meat/fat/cartilage, to be exact.

Quick Raw Pork Tail Facts: 30% Bone vs 70% Meat & Cartilage #dogtreats #dogshorts

So having said that, pig tails for dogs are naturally rich in calcium, phosphorus, glucosamine and chondroitin.

The calcium and phosphorus is great for our dogs’ teeth and bones. And the glucosamine and chondroitin helps support doggie joints.

Now, pork tail bones are pretty fatty with 33.5 grams of fat in 100 grams = 3.5 oz of pork tail bones.

That makes them great for working dogs who need lots of energy, as well as for emaciated dogs who need to put on weight.

At least if you’re looking to feed them on a regular basis.

For dogs who are at their target body weight like my pup Wally, they’re a great monthly or bi-monthly snack. Same as raw pig’s feet.

I personally wouldn’t feed them to overweight dogs and those battling with pancreatitis.

For those pups, leaner raw meaty bones like rabbit bones are a much better fit.

How To Feed Raw Pig Tails For Dogs

So yes, dogs can obviously eat pork tails, but how exactly can you feed them?

Well, there’s 2 different options:

You can either feed them whole or ground.

For the whole option, you can either include the pig tail bones in your raw dog food meal prep, or you can offer them as an in-between snack.

When you feed them whole, you’re helping your dog clean their teeth naturally and exercise their jaws.

If you want to include them in ground form, you’ll have to use a meat grinder like the Weston 22 or the STX International.

When you feed them ground, there are no dental benefits for your pup.

How To Cook Raw Pig Tails For Dogs

You should never cook any raw meaty bones that are intended to be fed, and that includes raw pig tails.

The only time when it’s OK to cook them is when you’re looking to make pork bone broth for dogs (or for yourself).

Check out this recipe for bone broth, and just switch out the raw meaty bones mentioned in there for pig tails.

Raw Pig Tails For Dogs Recipe

Here’s a homemade raw dog food recipe including pig tails that I recently fed Wally.

Just FYI, this recipe has double the amount of bone he needs per day, so he didn’t need any raw meaty bone the next day.

Raw dog food ingredients:

  • 10 oz pig tail (3 oz bone & 7 oz meat/fat/cartilage)
  • 3 oz mackerel
  • 1.5 oz pork kidney
  • 1.5 oz goat liver
  • 5 oz green beef tripe
  • 3 oz beef lung
  • 3 oz beef heart
  • 3 oz puréed veggie & seed mix (fresh leafy spinach, dehydrated red beets, 1/2 teaspoon chia seeds)
Homemade raw dog food with a pork tail, mackerel and other ingredients in a stainless steel dog bowl

Just to break it down, that’s:

  • 3 oz of bone
  • 3 oz of secreting organs
  • 3 oz of veggies & seeds
  • 21 oz of meat (including the mackerel)

You’ll want to feed about 3oz daily for every 10lb of dog weight.

Tip: Check out my raw dog food ebooks here to learn how to do the raw feeding math for your respective pup(s).

The complete resource library has all of my ebooks:

Where To Buy Raw Pig Tail Bones For Dogs

You can find raw pig tail bones both locally as well as online. To source them locally, check out your grocery store.

If your regular supermarket doesn't carry them, have a look at your closest Mexican or Asian grocery store.

In the States, you can also buy pork tails for dogs online from select raw dog food retailers.

For example, Raw Paws Pet Food and Raw Feeding Miami.

Raw Paws Pet Food has the following options:

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Raw Feeding Miami sells 2.5 lb bags of pork tails. You can get 10% OFF your first RFM order with this referral link.

How To Use Pig Tail Bones For Raw Dog Food: Bottom Line

So, can dogs eat pork tails? Yes.

Remember that in raw feeding, pig tails are considered raw meaty bones (RMBs) and have 30% bone and 70% meat/cartilage/fat.

As far as how often you can feed them, that depends on your dog's weight.

If they're overweight, I'd pass altogether.

If they're at their target body weight, I'd feed them once to twice per month.

For working dogs or underweight dogs, you can feed them weekly.

Have you fed your pup raw pig tails? Let me know in the comment section below this blog post!

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