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How To Use Raw Duck Wings In DIY Raw Feeding

Raw duck wings are a great raw dog food ingredient if you’re making homemade raw meals for your pup(s)!

That said, they’re a specific cut of meat that also has a certain amount of bone on it.

In this blog post, you’ll learn about their benefits, ratio of bone vs meat, where to source them, and how to feed them!

Ready? Let’s jump right in!

Raw Duck Wings In Homemade Raw Dog Food

Feist mix dog Wally sits in the kitchen with a raw duck wing held in front of his face

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Raw Duck Wings For Dogs Benefits

Let’s start by talking about why they’re a great ingredient in your homemade raw meals.

Rich In Calcium = Raw Meaty Bone

First of all, a duck wing is classified as a raw meaty bone.

And a cooling one, too, according to traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM).

They consist of bone, meat, and cartilage since they’re joint bones.

Now, being a bone, duck wings are obviously rich in calcium which is important for healthy, strong bones and muscles.

Rich In Cartilage = Glucosamine & Chondroitin

But since they’re a joint bone, they’re also naturally rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, which support healthy dog joints.

On top of that, they also contribute to clean doggie teeth and give your dog’s jaws a workout!

Great For Beginning Raw Feeders, Puppies & Senior Dogs

Since they have a good amount of cartilage on them, they’re a fairly soft raw meaty bone.

Much softer than duck heads or rabbit heads for example!

That’s what makes them a great raw meaty bone for raw feeding beginners, puppies and senior pups.

Great Alternative For Chicken Wings

Dogs with inflammatory issues who don’t do well with chicken are usually able to tolerate duck.

So duck wings can be a great alternative to chicken wings.

Plus, duck is much richer in iron than chicken, so what’s not to love?

What’s The Bone To Meat Ratio On Raw Duck Wings?

There’s roughly 40% bone and 60% meat on raw duck wings.

Those numbers are important to know when you’re making homemade raw dog food.

Picture of whole raw duck wings

The bone percentage will go towards your dog’s bone allowance, and the meaty part will go towards your dog’s muscle meat allowance.

How To Figure Out How Many Duck Wings Your Dog Can Have Per Week

First, you need to know your dog’s daily bone allowance.

For the average adult dog, that’s going to be 10% of their raw dog food amount.

Puppies need much more bone while they’re growing.

Once you know your dog’s daily bone allowance, multiply it by 7 to get the weekly allowance.

For my 38 lb Feist mix Wally, that’s 1.52 oz of bone per day, and 10.64 oz per week.

The next step is to divide your dog’s weekly bone allowance by the bone percentage of the raw duck wings (40%).

In Wally’s case, that’s 10.64 oz / 40% = 0.266

Then, multiply it with 100:

0.266 x 100 = 26.6 oz

So, Wally needs 26.6 oz worth of raw duck wings per week to meet his weekly bone allowance.

For more help with your raw dog food math, check out my ebook below:

What Else Can I Add To Raw Duck Wings?

You can combine raw duck wings with other cuts of poultry as well as with red meats.

Whatever meat sources you end up going with, it should be mostly muscle meat, and about the same amount of secreting organs as duck wings.

If you follow the BARF model of raw feeding, you'll also want to add some plant matter.

Here's an example of a raw dog food recipe with duck wings:

  • Duck wing (RMB)
  • Deer heart (muscle meat)
  • Beef gullet (muscle meat)
  • Deer liver (secreting organ)
  • Whole thread herring (I toss it into the muscle meat category, although it also has secreting organs like eyes and brains, but in tiny amounts)
  • Beef green tripe (muscle meat)
  • Dr. Harvey's Paradigm (low carb plant matter)

Note: There was no other secreting organ in this particular meal besides the deer liver because Wally had a huge beef eye the day before.

Homemade raw dog food with raw beef trachea, duck wing, deer liver and thread herring
Homemade raw dog food with a 2 joint duck wing

How To Feed Them

You can either feed them whole, chunked or ground.

Here's a video of my Feist mix Wally eating a whole, 3 joint duck wing as part of one of his raw dinners:

Feeding Whole Raw Duck Wings For Calcium Intake, Clean Teeth & Jaw Workout

If you have smaller dogs, you can also cut the duck wing up into smaller pieces.

Or, if you don't trust your dog with a raw duck neck regardless of whether it's whole or chunked into smaller bites, you can always grind it up.

With duck wings, you may be able to get away with grinding them in a food processor if you smash them up with a meat tenderizer or a hammer.

Otherwise, a meat grinder like the STX Turboforce will get the job done for sure.

Where To Buy Raw Duck Wings For Dogs

Now, one option is to buy a whole duck at your grocery store or Farmer's Market and chop it up yourself.

The picture below features the following raw meaty bones from a dressed grocery store duck I cut up myself:

  • 1 duck neck
  • 2 duck wings
  • 2 duck thighs

Dressed means that it doesn't have the head, feet, and also no feathers.

A bowl with raw meaty duck bones sits on a digital food scale

Another option is to buy whole raw duck wings from online retailers like the ones I mention below.

Raw Feeding Miami (RFM)

RFM sells raw whole duck wings in 2.5 lb bags. They point out that their batches vary between 2 and 3 joint wings.

The brand is located in Miami, FL 33169. They ship nationwide within the US, and they offer a local delivery option for people in the South FL area.

Note: You can save 10% OFF your first RFM order with my referral discount link.

Raw Dog Food & Co

Raw Dog Food & Co sells raw whole duck wings in 6 lb bags.

This brand is located in Commerce City, CO 80022.

They ship to all lower 48 States + Alaska, and they deliver within a 130 mile radius of their warehouse.

Top Quality Dog Food

Top Quality Dog Food also sells raw whole duck wings in 6 lb bags.

The brand is located in Hyattsville, MD 20785, and they ship within most of the US, except AZ, CO, MO, and NE.

Note: They supply Raw Dog Food & Co with their duck wings, as well as the raw dog food distributors listed here.

Rebel Raw

Rebel Raw sells raw whole duck wings in 8 oz bags.

The brand is located in Atlanta, GA 30312.

They ship within the contiguous US, and they deliver within a 35 mile radius of their warehouse.

Bottom Line

So there you have it, raw duck wings are cooling raw meaty bones that are rich in:

  • Calcium
  • Chondroitin
  • Glucosamine

That makes them a great raw dog food ingredient to feed for strong muscles and bones (including teeth), dental health, strong jaws, and joint health.

Duck wings have a bone to meat ratio of 40:60 and can be fed whole, chunked, or ground.

Plus, they're a great alternative to chicken wings and a softer raw meaty bone choice than heads.

That makes them a good choice for raw feeding beginners to ease themselves into the concept of feeding bone, puppies, and senior dogs.

You can either buy them from raw dog food retailers or source them from whole ducks you buy at the grocery store or Farmer's Market.

Now it's your turn - leave a note in the comment section below this blog post and let me know if you feed duck wings as part of your dog's raw meals!

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