I Use this hack to store my secreting organ mixes

I Use This Easy Hack To Store My Secreting Organ Mixes

Secreting organ mixes are a small but essential component in raw feeding for dogs.

But you already know that if you’ve been reading my blog for a while!

In case you’re new to the blog, here’s a quick recap. For more in-depth information on secreting organs, please check out my Related Reading section at the end of this blog post.

Raw dog food recap – Raw meals for dogs consist of roughly:

  • Muscle meat, 70% (including fish)
  • Plant matter, 10%
  • Raw meaty bones, 10%
  • Secreting organs (5% liver, 5% other secreting organs)

If you’re more interested in feeding a PMR (Prey Model Raw) diet without veggies and fruit, i.e. plant matter, increase the muscle meat amount to 80%.

One very convenient secreting organ mix you can buy pre-made is Raw Feeding Miami’s Monster Mash Organ Grind.

It’s a secreting organ mix that consists of 50% beef liver and 50% other secreting organs (beef kidney, beef spleen, beef pancreas or beef thymus).

K9sOverCoffee | Putting My Dogs' Raw Meals Together - Part 2: Organs, Monstermash
Monster Mash Organ Grind from Raw Feeding Miami

If you have the time and aren’t easily grossed out, you can also create your very own secreting organ mix. That’s also going to be necessary if your pup doesn’t do well with beef.

For example, you could use lamb liver and beef spleen. That’s what I recently mixed up in my food processor.

Of course you can and should mix and match other secreting organs with liver as much as possible, but that’s what made it into my food processor this time around.

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I Use This Hack To Store My Secreting Organ Mixes

I use this easy hack to store my secreting organs

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When I’m not adding pieces of secreting organs directly in with Wally’s raw meals at prep time, I grind them up and store them in the freezer.

To be more specific, I use food-safe silicone ice cube trays!

I found these particular ones on Amazon and absolutely love the fact that they:

  • Come in a pack of 2
  • Have lids
  • Hold 37 whatever-you-fill-them-with per tray
  • Are dishwasher-safe to make clean up a breeze
K9sOverCoffee.com | I use this hack to store my secreting organ mixes
Ice cube trays work so great to store secreting organ mixes!

These particular medium size trays work great for Wally’s secreting organ allowance. He weighs around 35lbs and currently eats 16oz of meat per day. That translates into roughly 1.6oz of secreting organs per day.

If you have a smaller pup, check out these mini ice cube trays!

Likewise, if your pup is large to extra large, you may want to go with a larger ice cube tray such as this one.

Where to find secreting organs

If you’re looking into making your pup’s very own secreting organ mix, you’ll need to go secreting organ shopping.

Your local grocery store/Walmart

It’s very easy to find beef, calf and chicken liver at your local grocery store or retail giant like Walmart.

A local farm

You may also have a local farm that sells liver from their animals.

Putting My Dogs' Raw Meals Together - Part 2- Organs, Chicken liver from a local farm
Chicken liver and other cuts of chicken meat from a local farm

Asian Supermarkets/Raw Feeding Miami

For those other, more odd, cuts of meat like kidney, pancreas, spleen, thymus, brains and reproductive organs, you can try your luck at Ethnic/Asian super markets.

Alternatively, I recommend ordering from online raw dog food retailers such as Raw Feeding Miami.

Their particular selection is amazing as far as secreting organs go – they even carry cuts like eyeballs, brains and ovaries!

K9sOverCoffee.com | Wally eating a beef eyeball from Raw Feeding Miami
Wally eating a beef eyeball from Raw Feeding Miami
Cutting up lamb brains for raw dog food
Cutting up lamb brains from Raw Feeding Miami – now available: pork brains

I Use This Hack To Store My Secreting Organ Mixes: Bottom Line

Hack to store secreting organs for raw dog food

I’ve learned so much since I started my raw dog food journey in 2015, and this hack is one of my favorites.

It’s an easy and convenient way to access your pup’s secreting organ mixes, and – most importantly – it’s really affordable.

I mean, the cost of a 2 pack of the silicone ice cube trays I mention in this blog post is less than $10! So even if you have several pups and want a few of these secreting organ storage solutions, they won’t break the bank.

Happy raw feeding!

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