Raw beaver for dogs

Is Raw Beaver OK To Feed To Dogs?

I first came across raw beaver for dogs in 2020.

That’s when I was looking for other hypoallergenic, cooling protein options besides rabbit for my food-sensitive pup Wally.

Those are less likely to trigger allergic reactions.

Well, I got lucky and found a few great ones in kangaroo, ostrich, camel and…raw beaver.

Raw beaver is also very rich in iron (6.9 mg per 100 grams = 3oz) and has about 146 calories per 100 grams.

Just for comparison sake, the same amount of lamb has 1.6 mg of iron, beef has 2 mg, and chicken has 0.8 mg.

So yes, raw beaver is OK to feed to dogs – actually more than OK – but the more pressing question is where the heck do you source raw beaver besides making friends with trappers?

Because you won’t find this particular protein source at grocery stores, butchers or meat markets.

There’s not even that many raw dog food retailers that carry it – not even my favorite ones Raw Paws Pet Food and Raw Feeding Miami sell it.

So in this blog post, I’m sharing the following:

  • 4 different US raw dog food retailers I’m aware of that sell it
  • Information on where beaver meat is sourced in the US
  • Raw dog food recipe suggestions that include beaver

Raw Beaver For Dogs

Is raw beaver OK to feed to dogs?

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Where To Buy Raw Beaver For Dogs

Below, you’ll find 4 raw dog food retailers in the US who carry raw beaver for dogs.

Since beaver is a seasonal product that’s mostly available between winter and spring, make sure to stock up on it when you can!

My Pet Carnivore (MPC)

My Pet Carnivore sells ground raw beaver and beaver tail from trapped Midwestern beaver. I’ve ordered both for Wally, and he’s loved them.

Ground Raw Beaver

MPC’s ground whole raw beaver is available in 2 lb containers.

Ingredients: Beaver meat, beaver bones, beaver heart, beaver liver.

Note from MPC: This very natural product has been skinned & eviscerated then coarse ground & fresh frozen.

Tip: You can repurpose their containers for raw dog food meal prep!

Raw beaver, duck hearts and lake trout from My Pet Carnivore
Ground whole beaver from MPC

Raw Beaver Tail

MPC’s raw beaver tail is available as 1 whole beaver tail or 2 smaller beaver tails.

Raw beaver tail has some bone and is naturally rich in cartilage and glucosamine, which makes it great for joint support.

It’s a very chewy item, so it’s also great to exercise your pup’s jaws!

Since beaver tail has a very leathery consistency, I found it easiest to cut it up with a bread knife and poultry shears.

Raw beaver tail for raw dog food
Weighing a raw beaver tail. It came in at 6.4 oz.
cutting up raw beaver tail from My Pet Carnivore
Cutting up raw beaver tail

Raw Delivery Montana

Raw Delivery Montana sells a raw beaver grind, raw beaver tail, and a mixed grind that has beaver.

Their raw beaver grind is called Dam Good Beaver Grind (love the pun, lol), medium ground and available in 5 lb packages.

Ingredients: Beaver meat, heart, liver and kidneys. The brand states that is has about 70% meat, 5% organ and 22-25% bone.

Their raw beaver tail is listed as Dam Good Beaver Tail. It consists of 2 beaver tails and is available only for pick up (no shipping).

The brand’s Frontier Mix with Green Tripe consists of beaver, venison and bison (including green bison tripe). It’s medium ground and available in 5 lb packages.

Ingredients: Approx. 80% Meat (Bison, Beaver and Venison; including Hearts and Bison Tripe), 10% Ground Beaver Bone, 5% Liver (Bison & Beaver Liver), 5% Other Organs (Bison & Beaver Kidney, Bison Spleen).

Simply Rawsome

Simply Rawsome sells Simply Beaver whole prey ground beaver in 5 lb and 30 lb packages.

Ingredients: Whole prey ground beaver including bones and organs.

They also sell beaver feet and beaver tail.

Raw Pet Food Delivery Market

Raw Pet Food Delivery Market sells a Beaver mix prey model blend.

Ingredients: Head, tail, bone and organ = Lung, liver, kidney, spleen and heart.

Additionally, they carry a beaver and turkey meat mix with these ingredients:

Beaver head, tail, bone, lung, liver, kidney, spleen & heart mixed with turkey meat including skin.

They also sell whole beaver tail in various sizes.

Where Is Beaver Meat Sourced?

Beaver meat is sourced from trappers.

If you’re unsure what to think of that – don’t worry, it’s completely legal.

According to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos, it’s “actually a necessity to manage a healthy beaver population and reduce human-beaver conflicts”.

Turns out, while beavers are great at creating wetland habitats, they can also be quite destructive when their populations grow out of control.

Since beavers are herbivores that rely on trees and woody vegetation for food and building materials, they can over-browse on certain tree species.

They can also displace other species that rely on free-flowing water such as fish, insects and other flora and fauna.

Additionally, their dams can lead to flooding of roads, farmland, and residential areas.

And while they obviously gnaw on trees, they also don’t shy back from human-made wooden structures like fences, utility poles, and even buildings.

All that said, beaver trapping season is usually from November through March or April, depending on the state.

I found a great article on beaver trapping basics on a website called Outdoor Life, and I love that the author is a woman who hunts and traps herself.

Check it out if you’re interested in learning more about it!

Raw Beaver For Dogs Recipe

Now, as far as how to use beaver in raw dog food, it depends on how much bone, meat and secreting organs are in the beaver mixes you’re getting.

Technically speaking, their ingredient lists suggest that you can feed the beaver mixes as is.

But I personally like to add a few more components for variety sake, and I also had the impression that the ground beaver mix from My Pet Carnivore had a bit too much bone for Wally.

Now, I haven’t fed the other mixes, so I can’t talk about their bone to meat ratio.

If you do, please feel free to leave a comment below this blog post to share how you fed them!

But anyways, I went ahead an added a little extra muscle meat and some other secreting organs to Wally’s homemade raw dog food bowl below:

  • Ground whole beaver with bone
  • Duck hearts (muscle meat)
  • Lamb brains (secreting organ)
  • Goat liver (secreting organ)
  • Crushed garlic. Want to learn about the benefits of garlic for dogs? Click here. Yes, it’s safe to feed.
Homemade raw dog food with ground whole beaver with bone, duck hearts, lamb brains, goat liver, and crushed garlic

You’ll find a few more raw dog food recipes with beaver in my e-book 10 Raw Dog Food Recipes For Dogs With Allergies.

Other hypoallergenic protein sources that are featured are camel, ostrich, kangaroo and rabbit.

Also duck because it’s a cooling protein source.

Raw Beaver For Dogs: Bottom Line

So, is beaver meat good for dogs?

Yes, it's a hypoallergenic, cooling protein source that's rich in iron.

What's not to love?!

The only issue is that it can be tricky to source, but I'm stoked that I was able to find 3 additional raw dog food retailers who carry it these days.

Back in 2020, I only remember seeing it at My Pet Carnivore.

Have you fed your pup beaver or are you thinking about it? Let me know in the comment section below this blog post!

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