My last order from Raw Feeding Miami consisted of cooling proteins only

Cooling Proteins For Raw Dog Food From Raw Feeding Miami

When I shop for cooling proteins for raw dog food, I heavily rely on Raw Feeding Miami.

My last raw dog food order from Raw Feeding Miami consisted of two cooling protein sources only, rabbit and duck.

That’s because my pup Wally needs more cooling proteins in his diet than warming ones, and I was running low on the cooling kind.

What Are Cooling Proteins?

In traditional Chinese medicine, there are neutral, cooling, and warming types of food. They represent the yin (cooling) and yang (warming) and maintain the energetic balance within the body. They don’t refer to the temperature of a type of food, but to their energy.

I’ve found that understanding these food energetics can actually help dogs with allergies and food sensitivities – like Wally. Dogs who are very itchy and scratch and lick at their bodies typically have an excess of warm proteins in their diet.

Warm proteins

Warm protein sources are chicken, turkey, lamb, and pheasant.

Neutral proteins

Neutral proteins are beef, goose, pork, quail, and bison.

Cooling proteins

Cooling protein sources are duck and rabbit.

Since it’s tricky to find rabbit and duck locally, I buy them online from Raw Feeding Miami

Update 2020: I’ve found several other online retailers who sell rabbit in varying forms (whole and ground) in my article Rabbit for Raw Dog Food: Where to Buy it And More. | My last order from RawFeedingMiami consisted of cooling proteins only

Cooling Proteins For Raw Dog Food: Raw Duck from Raw Feeding Miami

The duck part of my order consisted of duck wings, duck tenders, and duck gizzards.

Cooling Proteins For Raw Dog Food: Raw Rabbit from Raw Feeding Miami

The rabbit part of my order consisted of rabbit heads and rabbit grinds.

I originally wanted to include chunked rabbit in my order from Raw Feeding Miami, but since they were out of that, I settled for rabbit grinds.

They consist of whole, ground rabbit and can be fed as a complete meal consisting of muscle meat, raw meaty bones, and secreting organs. | Rabbit is one of two cooling proteins for raw dog food
Rabbit is a cooling protein for raw dog food

I still have rabbit kidneys, beef liver and beef pancreas in my freezer chest, so I didn’t need to get any secreting organs with this order. Also still have their custom organ mix Monstermash, which consists of beef green tripe, liver, kidney, spleen, and one other organ that alternates. Beef is a neutral protein source, so it’s neither cooling nor warming and Wally does great with it.

How Much Did I Pay For My Raw Feeding Miami Order?

The total cost for my last Raw Feeding Miami order was $184.93 for 37.5 lb of raw dog food. 

It was $159.15 for the rabbit and duck, as well as $25.78 in shipping costs via FedEx Ground. | Shopping for cooling proteins for raw dog food
Shopping for cooling proteins for raw dog food
  • $30.40 for 10 lb of duck wings
  • $31 for 5 lb of duck tenders
  • $23.75 for 5 lb of duck gizzards
  • $60 for 7.5 lb of rabbit grinds
  • $24 for 10 lb of rabbit heads

I saved $10 by applying rewards points from my previous orders.

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