Sealed raw dog food bags from Raw Feeding Miami

New and Discontinued Food Items at Raw Feeding Miami

As you may know, I’ve been buying cuts of raw meat for my raw meal prep from Raw Feeding Miami since 2016.

I love their huge selection of different proteins, as well as the different cuts of meat they offer for my homemade raw dog food.

I mean, where else do you get rabbit kidneys, beef eyeballs, brains, kangaroo chunks and whole mackerel?!

Either way, I’ve noticed that over the years, their selection has changed a little. Some food items are no longer available, while new ones are.

So in today’s blog post, I’m nerding out over the changes I’ve noticed since 2016. Enjoy! | New and Discontinued Food Items At Raw Feeding Miami

Disclaimer: This blog post was originally published in 2021 and has been updated in 2024. It contains referral links I don’t get any benefits from since I no longer live in the States. 

Discontinued Food Items At Raw Feeding Miami

I noticed that the following cuts of meat are no longer available at Raw Feeding Miami:

Pork Uterus

Pork uterus falls into the muscle meat category. My pup Missy loved it, and her brother Buzz (from the same litter) hated it, ha!

That was the only cut of raw meat that he repeatedly spat back out, even when I offered it partially frozen. He just didn’t care for its consistency.

I wanted to order it for Wally last year, in 2020, but found that it was no longer available. To me, that was a bummer because I was so curious to see if Wally would like it or not!

K9sOverCoffee | Raw Feeding Miami's Pork Uterus
This was Raw Feeding Miami’s listing for their Pork Uterus

Beef Lovers Pack

If I remember correctly, Raw Feeding Miami had several packs of this sort, along with a Starter Pack, but unfortunately, I never took a screen shot.

Anyway, this pack of various cuts of beef was 35 lb and cost $94.99. I neither have photo nor video footage of the Beef Lovers Pack, but I did write down what it consisted of:

  • Beef Trachea 
  • Beef Oxlips
  • Ground Beef 
  • Beef Heart 
  • Beef Cheek 
  • Green Tripe Chunks 
  • Beef Trachea Stuffed With Green Tripe 
  • Beef Lung 
  • Ground Green Tripe 
  • Ground Beef Lung 
  • Monstermash (organ mix) 
  • It also came with some duck frames and duck wings. Those are obviously not beef related, but they’re a great raw meaty bone source.

What I liked about this particular type of order was that it consisted of all the different categories you need to cover during meal prep (except for fish). So, muscle meat, secreting organs, and raw meaty bones.

Beef Oxlips

They also stopped selling beef oxlips – another bummer to me personally because these suckers are hard to come by.

Beef oxlips fall into the muscle meat category and were part of the Beef Lovers Pack, but they were also available individually.

Cut Up Beef Oxlips For My Dogs' Raw Meals
Beef oxlips are an odd looking cut of meat!

Bison Spinal Cord

Bison spinal cord is a secreting organ that I enjoyed using for variety in my raw meal prep. Too bad it’s no longer available!

I believe 1 lb of it was $8.50. | Bison spinal cord from Raw Feeding Miami is a secreting organ for raw dog food
Bison spinal cord from Raw Feeding Miami

Chicken And Fish Grind

I thought this was a great mix because the Omega-3s from the fish balanced out the Omega-6s from the chicken!

Looks like I didn’t take any pictures of the chicken and fish grind either..what?! I know, I’m appalled at myself, haha.

However, you can see them in this Raw Feeding Miami unboxing video I made in January 2017 (50 seconds into the video if you want to fast forward).

If you’re interested in recreating it, that’s super easy to do.

Just mix some of their chicken grinds with some of their fish grinds (about 10% fish), and there you go! You’d just have to buy separate bags.

Their chicken grinds follow the 80/10/10 formula and can be fed as is.

  • 5 lb bags are $33.75
  • 2.5 lb bags are $16.87
  • 1 lb bags are $6.75.

They currently offer wild-caught, Atlantic ground salmon (2.5 lbs for $13) and ground sardines (2.5 lbs for $12).

You can also buy:

Raw Feeding Miami Review - Wally eating a whole thread herring from RFM
Wally with a thread herring from Raw Feeding Miami

Lamb Brains

These are another great secreting organ they stopped carrying.

1 lb was around $12.00. Thankfully, they still have brains from another animal – more on that in the next section.

Cutting up lamb brains for raw dog food
Cutting up raw lamb brains from Raw Feeding Miami

New Food Items At Raw Feeding Miami:

OK, now it’s time to see what’s new at Raw Feeding Miami!

Beef Eyeballs

I’m always looking for variety in my secreting organs, so I loved seeing the beef eyeballs! | Wally eating a beef eyeball from Raw Feeding Miami

1 lb is $9.00, which is a great price.

Especially considering that you don’t need a lot of secreting organs for meal prep (only 5% liver, and 5% other secreting organ, which the beef eyeballs would be).

Pork Brains

Pork brains are a secreting organ and replaced the lamb brains Raw Feeding Miami used to carry.

1lb bags are around $10.

Lamb Green Tripe

Lamb green tripe falls into the muscle meat category and is chock-full of digestive enzymes.

Green tripe is usually sold from beef and bison, so this is another great new find.

1 lb is $9.00.

Update 2022: They no longer carry Boneless Ground Alpaca

If you’re looking to add variety to your protein rotation, try some alpaca! It’s great for dogs with food sensitivities and those that need to loose weight.

It’s VERY lean with a fat content of less than 3%.

1 lb is $8.00, and this is muscle meat. I featured alpaca as one of several novel protein sources in my ebook with recipes for dogs with allergies.

raw dog food order from Raw Feeding Miami
One of my Raw Feeding Miami orders

Kangaroo Chunks & Boneless Ground Kangaroo

This is another great option for dogs with food sensitivities – kangaroo chunks (1 lb is $15) and boneless ground kangaroo (1 lb is $15).

Both are to be fed as muscle meat, and I also included them in the ingredient list for my allergy recipe ebook. | Raw Feeding Miami order featuring kangaroo chunks for raw dog food
Raw Feeding Miami order featuring Kangaroo Chunks

Ground Camel

Yet another great protein source for dogs with food sensitivities!

1 lb is $15, and Wally loves it! I also featured it in my allergy recipe ebook.

Goose – Necks, Wings, Grind

Goose is more on the fatty side, so I wouldn’t feed these items to an overweight dog. However, these are great cuts of meat to feed for variety purposes!

So far, I bought the grinds, and Wally loves them. No surprise really, since he has yet NOT to like something I’ve offered him, ha! 😉 | Combining Goose grinds from Raw Feeding Miami with Dr. Harvey's Paradigm
Combining Raw Feeding Miami’s Goose Grinds with Dr. Harvey’s Paradigm

Wild Boar Baby Back Ribs

These wild boar ribs have been sold out every time I checked, bummer! I bet Wally would LOVE them.

They’re raw meaty bones and previously frozen at -10 F, so they’re ready to feed. You should introduce them slowly as they’re a rich food item.

They come in one rack packs that are $10.00.

Dehydrated Rabbit Feet And Ears

I’ve been eyeing these babies for a while too, and finally got some!

They come in 3 oz bags for $9.50.

Furry food items are a great source of manganese and fiber, and they keep the anal glands working properly.

I either offer them as in-between snacks, or I add them to Wally’s raw meals. | Raw dog food featuring a dehydrated furry rabbit foot, air-dried herring, ground beef, and a dehydrated low-carb veggie and herb mix
Homemade raw dog food

Lots of Pre-Made Grinds

These days, Raw Feeding Miami carries a lot more pre-made grinds that are ready to feed as is than they did when I first started ordering from them in 2016.

Most of them follow the 80/10/10 formula – 80% muscle meat, 10% secreting organs, and 10% raw meaty bone:

  • Chicken grinds
  • Duck grinds
  • Chicken & green tripe grinds
  • Beef grinds
  • Goose grinds
  • Lamb grinds
  • Beef & green tripe grinds
  • Pheasant grinds
  • Pork grinds
  • Rabbit grinds
  • Turkey grinds

Tip: You can save 10% off your first raw dog food order from Raw Feeding Miami with my referral discount link + get FREE shipping on orders $150+ with code SHIP150. Happy saving!

New and Discontinued Food Items at Raw Feeding Miami: Bottom Line

Although I’m bummed that Raw Feeding Miami no longer offers certain food items like the Beef Lovers Pack and beef oxlips, they really outdid themselves with their new selection of protein sources for dogs with food sensitivities.

If your dog is allergic to common foods like chicken, beef, and turkey, you’ll find something he can eat at Raw Feeding Miami!

For example, camel trim, kangaroo chunks, ostrich chunks, ground alpaca, to name just their new arrivals.

They also have a great rabbit selection, which is also known to be a hypoallergenic dog food source.

Have you noticed any food related changes at Raw Feeding Miami? You’re welcome to let me know in the comment section below this blog post!

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