Raw Dog Food Recipes & Tips For Dogs With Allergies

Raw dog food recipes and tips for dogs with allergies, anyone?!

Drumroll, please! My new e-book for raw-fed dogs with allergies is here!

Here's What You'll Find In This Raw Dog Food Recipe E-book

  • 10 recipes featuring 10 novel protein sources: rabbit, duck, venison, camel, kangaroo, ostrich, beaver, alpaca, thread herring, and lake trout
  • Where to buy the ingredients here in the US as well as a few sources in Canada
  • Basic raw feeding knowledge: How much to feed per day and what balanced raw dog food consists of
  • Feeding math for your particular dog(s)
  • How to find out which foods don't agree with your dog using the food elimination approach or food sensitivity tests
  • Bonus recipe card for your dog
  • Bonus meal planner for your dog
K9sOverCoffee.com | Raw Dog Food Recipe E-Book for Dogs with Allergies

Who Are These Raw Dog Food Recipes For?

I specifically wrote this e-book for raw-fed dogs with allergies to common protein sources like chicken, beef, turkey, pork, lamb, salmon, etc.

That said, my raw dog food recipes are inspired by my very own pup Wally's food intolerances.

He's a raw-fed, 38 lb Feist mix who gets rashes and hot spots from eating several different foods.

These foods are chicken (including eggs), pheasant, quail, salmon, anchovies, sardines, green lipped mussels, any and all grains, as well as several veggies and fruit.

What's The Cost of Feeding These Raw Dog Food Recipes?

E-book price

Well, for starters, my e-book is priced at $9.99 when it's not on sale. This price drops a little every now and then when it's on sale, generally around any major US holidays or when I feel like it, ha!

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Then it depends on your dog's size, daily food requirement, and the ingredient cost.

Raw dog food ingredient cost

You can find great deals on any ingredient. That's especially true if you buy from local farms, make friends with hunters and wildlife processors or hunt yourself.

You can also save money by placing orders together with other raw feeders, and by browsing the sales sections of online raw dog food retailers like Raw Feeding Miami, Raw Paws Pet Food, or My Pet Carnivore.

For Raw Feeding Miami and Raw Paws Pet Food, I can also offer you a 10-15% off discount. Use this link for Raw Feeding Miami, and affiliate discount code K9Savings for anything you order from Raw Paws Pet Food.

It also really pays off to invest in a chest or upright freezer for your dog's raw cuts of meat. That way you can buy in bulk and stock up on ingredients that are seasonal items only, like venison or beaver.

Chest freezer or upright freezer for raw dog food?

Last but not least, keep in mind that raw feeding drastically decreases your vet bills, especially the ones for steroid shots, creams, and any pills that are supposed to help dogs with allergies.

Your dog's size and daily food requirement

This is highly individual as every dog is different, but let me give you a few examples.

For example, a 15 lb dog who exercises moderately will eat around 6 oz per day, while a 30 lb couch potato will eat closer to 9.6 ounces, and a highly active, 70 lb working dog will eat more like 2.8 lbs per day.

It essentially depends on a dog's respective size, metabolism and activity.

Example 1: 15 lb dog eats between 4.8 - 9.6 oz/day

For instance, an adult dog whose ideal body weight is 15 lbs eats between 4.8 and 9.6 oz per day.

Now let's assume that you place an order for 30 lbs of complete rabbit from a farm that can be fed as is such as J & A Farms. With $24 in shipping cost, the total cost would be $211.50, or $7.05/lb. That would last the 15 lb dog between 50 - 100 days.

Example 2: 30 lb dog eats between 9.6 oz - 1.2 lbs/day

A dog whose target body weight is 30 lbs eats between 9.6 oz and 1.2 lbs per day.

Let's assume that you're placing an order for 30 lb of complete duck and 30 lbs of complete beaver from My Pet Carnivore, for a total of 60 lbs of meat. The cost including $30 flat rate shipping would be $369.45.

That would also last the 30 lb dog 50 - 100 days.

Example 3: 70 lb dog eats 1.4 - 2.8 lbs/day

An adult dog with a target body weight of 70 lbs eats between 1.4 lbs and 2.8 lbs per day.

Now let's assume that you can get 30 lbs of free venison meat from a local wildlife processor. During hunting season (September - January), this is absolutely realistic!

Additionally, you place an order for 10 lbs of alpaca, 7.5 lbs of mackerel, 3 lb of rabbit bones, 2 lb of rabbit liver, and 2 lb of rabbit kidneys from Raw Feeding Miami.

The Raw Feeding Miami price for those 29 lb is $193.88, including $22.88 in shipping costs. With my 15% = $29.08 off, you can bring the cost down to $164.80. All together, you're looking at $164.80 for 59 lb of meat.

That would last your 70 lb dog 42 - 21 days.

About The Author, Barbara Rivers

Hi, I'm Barbara Rivers, raw dog food nerd par excellence! I've been feeding raw since 2015 and really had to step up my raw feeding game when I adopted my pup Wally in early 2019 because of his many sensitivities!

Before him, I had two Boxers who weren't nearly as sensitive as far as different cuts of meat were concerned, so feeding them raw was comparatively easy.

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not a veterinarian, nor am I a dog food nutritionist. However, I got my certification as a raw dog food nutrition specialist from Dogs Naturally Magazine in early 2020.

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Certificate of Completion

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