Raw Meal Prep for Dogs: The Ultimate Raw Dog Food Guide for Beginners

Meal prep for dogs - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Raw meal prep for dogs is the answer to budgeting concerns when you’re feeding raw dog food!

That’s particularly true when you’re feeding several medium to larger size dogs, but it can feel overwhelming at first. 

Raw Meal Prep for Dogs: The Ultimate Raw Dog Food Guide for Beginners

Raw meal prep for dogs - the ultimate guide for beginners

About the author of Raw Meal Prep for Dogs

Hi, I’m Barbara Rivers, blogger and author of this ebook as well as of 20 Raw Meals for Dogs and 10 Raw Dog Food Recipes & Tips for Dogs With Allergies.

K9sOverCoffee | Barbara Rivers is the blogger and founder behind K9sOverCoffee

I’ve successfully been feeding my pups raw dog food since 2015 and got my raw dog food nutrition specialist certification from DNM in January 2020.

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Certificate of Completion

Raw Meal Prep for Dogs: Here’s what you’ll find in this ebook!

  • How to make raw dog food in bulk
  • Raw dog food cheat sheats
  • Shopping lists
  • How to figure out the amount of raw dog food your dog needs + examples
  • Where to shop for the ingredients
  • Resources and promo codes 
  • 2 easy raw dog food recipes
  • Hacks to make your raw meal prep easier 
  • How to handle food allergies in your dog
Raw dog food cheat sheet

Who is this raw dog food ebook for?

I wrote this ebook for people who have a dog food budget AND for those who want to feed raw dog food but can’t afford pre-made raw on a regular basis.

But it’s also for nerds like me who enjoy putting their own dog food together. Essentially it’s for anyone interested in raw meal prep for dogs!

To be honest, I wasn’t able to afford pre-made raw for Missy & Buzz, my two Boxer mixes (75 & 50 lb), on a regular basis either. 

K9sOverCoffee | Bone appétit - My Dogs Are Digging Into Their Raw Dog Food
My Boxer mixes Missy & Buzz

The cost of pre-made raw for both would have been around $400/month. Definitely out of my budget! 

However, I REALLY wanted to continue to feed them fresh, real food, which is why I became so interested in learning how to make my own raw dog food at home!

So what’s the cost of making your own DIY raw dog food?

Let me share a little math with you.

A 50 lb dog who needs 2% of her target body weight in meat per day eats about 1 lb/day (that’s for a dog who exercises moderately).

That translates into 30 lb/month. 

Now let’s assume that dog does poorly with chicken, which is why you can’t source this (inexpensive) meat.


BUT even if you feed turkey, beef, and lamb, you can get your hands on 30 lb for $70-100, as long as you buy the meat when it’s on sale.

And trust me, I constantly find and buy meat that’s on sale, or inexpensive to begin with. For example, Walmart carries turkey necks for a couple bucks, and my local grocery store marks their ground lamb down to 2.99-4.99/lb on a regular basis.

K9sOverCoffee | Ground Lamb on sale at a local grocery store in NC
K9sOverCoffee | Ground lamb on sale for $2.99:lb

Those $70-100 are the same price you’d pay for a “high quality” bag of kibble like Annamaet or Orijen.

-> Btw, this is how you do the math:
50 (body weight) x 0.2 (percentage) = 1 lb = 16 oz

Promo raw dog food recipe offer for $5.99!

If you suspect this could be your raw dog food game changer, take advantage of my promo offer for just $5.99!

Do you have any comments or questions about raw meal prep for dogs? Please leave them below in the comment section!

Promo Offer $5.99 Raw Meal Prep for Dogs - Ultimate Guide for Beginners
Learn how to raw meal prep for dogs and how to make raw dog food in bulk! It’s easy and cheaper than store-bought raw dog food.

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