On the road with Twigo Pet ID tags

On The Road With Twigo Pet ID Tags

Have you heard about Twigo Pet ID tags?

Remember when I talked about taking several safety precautions for the pups while preparing for our road trip?


  • securing them in the car using (crash-tested) harnesses
  • keeping them safe from loose cargo with a pet barrier
  • updating their pet first aid kit

I also mentioned additional ID tags featuring our road tripping information.

Enter Twigo Pet ID Tags and their Silencer Pet ID tags we got to test.

On The Road With Twigo Pet ID Tags

Disclaimer: Twigo Pet ID Tags provided K9sOverCoffee with 2 free Silencer Pet ID Tags at the Global Pet Expo 2016 in return for an honest review.

The silencer tag serves a dual purpose – it’s essentially a pouch that can be personalized on its back while holding a previously existing pet tag inside the pouch, thus eliminating any jingling.

Perfect if you have a baby who wakes up from jingling pet tags!

I personally don’t mind the jingling of my pups’ tags (they each have 3 – a name tag, a microchip tag, and a rabies tag), but, as mentioned above, was very interested in using the backside of the silicone pouch to add an additional phone number and/or address while on our road trip.

We Tested The Blue And Pink Silencer Twigo Pet ID Tags
We tested the blue & pink silencer Twigo Pet ID Tags
Twigo Pet ID Tag
Twigo Pet ID Tags 2015

I learned about the company when Dana Humphrey, also known as the Pet Lady, took me on a little tour around the Global Pet Expo earlier this year and introduced me to some innovative companies in the pet industry- Twigo Pet ID Tags being one of them.

Twigo Pet ID Tags at Global Pet Expo 2016

The Twigo Pet ID Tags are Customizable In 5 minutes Or Less Without Engraving

The entire process of customizing the pups’ Twigo Pet ID Tags literally took less than 5 minutes per tag.

I wrote their details onto the tags with the included ballpoint pens, then boiled each tag for 2 minutes and let them cool for about 30 seconds before attaching them to the pups’ respective collars.

Super easy – even when I made a writing mistake on Missy’s tag, more on that below – and all without the need for engraving.

1st Step: Write Pet Info On Tag

Personalizing Buzz's Twigo Pet ID Tag

2nd Step: Boil Tag For 2 Minutes

Boiling Buzz's Personalized Pet ID Tag

3rd Step: Let Boiled Tag Cool Off For 30 Seconds

Buzz's Customized Twigo Pet ID Tag

4th Step: Attach Pet ID Tag To Collar

Cutting off the Pet ID Tag loop

Correcting A Mistake With Rubbing Alcohol 

So YES, I did make a writing mistake on purpose when customizing Missy’s Pet ID tag to test the product’s claim of being able to erase a mistake with rubbing alcohol.

Sure enough, it worked – but only before the boiling process.

Once the ink has been boiled, the rubbing alcohol won’t affect it. Trust me, I tried!

Correcting A Mistake On Missy's Customized Twigo Pet ID Tag Using Rubbing Alcohol
Correcting a mistake on Missy’s Twigo Pet ID Tag using rubbing alcohol
Boiling Missy's Customized Twigo Pet ID Tag
Boiling Missy’s Twigo Pet ID Tag

2 Ways To Attach The Twigo Pet ID Tags

There are two ways to attach the ID tag once it has been customized.

One way is to attach it to the D-Ring on the collar using the long loop it comes with. That’s what I did with Missy’s tag.

Missy's Customized Twigo Pet ID Tag
Missy’s customized Twigo Pet ID Tag looped on her collar

Another way is to cut the loop off and attach the tag to a split ring, which can then be added to the collar’s D-Ring.

Or, in Buzz’s case, I attached the tag to his quick release ID tag holder that hooks to his collar.

Cutting off the Pet ID Tag loop
Cutting off the Twigo Pet ID Tag loop

Affordable Pet ID Tags Come In Fun, Bright Colors 

We got to try the light blue and pink Silencer ID tags (retail value of $10 each), which are also available in orange.

Regular ID tags without the silencer option come in teal, blue, pink, red, and black & white (retail value of $8.00 each).

Twigo Silencer Tags in Blue, Pink, Orange
Twigo Silencer Tags in Blue, Pink, Orange
Twigo Silencer Tags in Red, Pink, Baseball
Twigo Tags in Red, Pink, Baseball

Of course Buzz boy modeled the blue tag, and Missy girl opted for the pink one. #NoBrainer

Twigo Pet ID Tags: Bottom Line

Overall, I very much liked this clever, lightweight product because it comes in several fun colors & can easily be personalized without needing to be engraved. 

The minimum order value of $24 to qualify for free shipping via USPS (regular mail) is fair, in my opinion ($2.99 flat shipping rate or buy 3, ships free). 

A slightly larger pouch would have been able to house Missy & Buzz’s round ID tags – maybe something for Twigo Pet ID Tags to consider when thinking about future products.

Have you equipped your pup (or other pet!?) with an additional ID tag when traveling? As always, we’d love to hear from you in our comment section!

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4 responses to “On The Road With Twigo Pet ID Tags”

  1. 2 brown dawgs blog Avatar

    Those look like very affordable tags. Our dogs do not tend to wear a lot of tags since they can get pulled off in heavy cover. We do have some tags that secure with a strong S ring. I wonder how these tags would hold up?

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      Hm, I’d say these tags might be up to the challenge of heavy cover because of how flexible they are. Worth giving it a shot!

  2. Elaine Avatar

    These are pretty clever tag holders and I like that you can write whatever you want instead of being limited to a fixed amount of characters, in case you want to write smaller and include more information.

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      Exactly – anything from a new temporary address, phone number, or medical condition can be added in just a few minutes. Makes for a nice little DIY project 🙂

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