Replacing fish in homemade raw dog food with this whole food

I’ve helped hundreds of people learn how to make DIY raw dog food


Hi, I’m Barbara! 👩‍💻

Raw dog food blogger Barbara Rivers

I’m the crazy dog mom who found out about raw dog food back in 2015. 

Ever since, I’ve been documenting my raw dog food journey here on the blog, paired with my second passion of doggie exercise & travel.

The raw dog food part included trial and error in:

  • Figuring out dog allergies
  • Learning how to make my own raw meals to keep them affordable
  • Becoming raw dog food nutrition certified by Dogs Naturally Magazine
Barbara Rivers of received the Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Badge from Dogs Naturally Magazine

With that said, my Boxer mixes Missy & Buzz introduced me to raw dog food.

If it wasn’t for them and specifically for Missy’s cancer diagnosis back in 2014, I’m not sure I would have made the switch from kibble to raw. 

As one of my lovely readers recently put it: 

“God bless Missy so much, our teacher, she got this journey rolling, we thank her.”

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How You Can Learn From Me

Raw dog food is a powerful tool that can help improve your dog’s health.

But without the right formula and math for your particular pup, you may end up doing it wrong.

💡Use my homemade raw dog food blog section and my ebook store to dive into everything I’ve learned about raw feeding since 2015.

Or book a DIY raw dog food coaching session with me here.

What My Readers Are Saying

Juliet With Ranger

New Feeder and your website has helped me immensely in facing the challenge.

Thank you for your insightful, informative and thoughtful teachings. 

I looked and read everywhere and was feeling very afraid and overwhelmed but you gave me the confidence to take the plunge for my border collie!

K9sOverCoffee reader and raw feeder Juliet

Haley With Annabelle & Atlas

Barbara saved me so much time from scouring the internet for raw feeding information!

She’s incredibly knowledgeable and I haven’t had an easier time with raw feeding than when I read through her blogs because all you need is right there!

She also answered any questions I had, personally, and I’m so thankful for her!

Reader Haley with her raw-fed dogs Annabelle and Atlas

Miranda With Calzone

Hi Barbara! I just wanted to say I downloaded your ebook and it’s been a HUGE help to me in my raw feeding journey. […]

Thank you so much for getting back to me. Your page and resources are extremely helpful.

Reader Miranda and her raw-fed dog Calzone

Resources For DIY Raw Dog Food

Homemade raw meal prep with Wally's regular raw dog food amount







Homemade raw dog food keeps raw feeding affordable. Plus it’s fun to make your pup’s own meals from scratch!

In this section, you’ll find resources for both beginners & advanced raw feeders, including meal prep advice, recipes & so much more.

Raw Dog Food Starter Guide ↗

How to quickly transition your dog(s) from kibble to raw dog food.

How To Do The Raw Dog Food Math↗

From 2-4% to 70-80/10/10/10, here’s how it works.

Tips To Keep Raw Feeding Affordable ↗

Learn about ways to keep the cost of raw dog food down.

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Shop My Raw Dog Food Ebooks!

Understanding The Math In BARF & PMR Raw Feeding ↗

Includes pre-calculated charts and worksheets that help you make DIY raw dog food and determine the amount of bones to feed.

Understanding the math in BARF and PMR raw feeding


DIY Raw Dog Food Ebook Bundle ↗

The bundle features 3 of my e-books for less! Includes cheat sheets & 32 raw dog food recipes for adult dogs.

DIY Raw Dog Food Ebook Bundle with 32 raw dog food recipes and cheat sheets


Resources For Dog Exercise, Training & Travel

Taking Wally swimming on a kayaking tour





Besides nutritious meals, fit dogs also need daily exercise, mental stimulation and training. Browse this section for inspiration!

Tools Of A Professional Dog Walker ↗

Get a glimpse into my former career of 9+ years to see if it’s the right side gig for you!

Dog Car Anxiety: How To Travel With Anxious Dogs↗

Check out my dog car anxiety tips and resources to help overcome dog travel anxiety.

Where Can I Take My Dog To Swim ↗

3 specific places to take your dog swimming, water safety tips, toys that float & more!

How To Combine House & Crate Training Puppies ↗

Includes a practical puppy potty journal pdf to help you house train your pup(py) faster.

Mighty Paw vs Ruffwear Harness: Which Is Better ↗

I have and use both harnesses. While each is unique, one’s more versatile!

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