Premade raw dog food

Premade Raw Dog Food

Not enough time to do raw meal prep and thinking about feeding premade raw dog food?

While there’s no doubt that premade raw dog food is more expensive than homemade raw dog food, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider feeding it from time to time…

…or at all times if you can afford it and appreciate that someone else took the time to make it right FOR YOU!

That’s the main advantage of feeding it when you’re new to raw feeding and looking for raw dog food for beginners, not knowing how to get started.

But premade raw dog food also comes in handy when you:

  • Are traveling with your pups
  • Don’t have space for a dedicated raw dog food freezer that holds all the individual components needed for homemade raw
  • Don’t care for handling individual cuts of raw meat because it’s gross to you (which is fair!)

You can also feed a mix of premade raw dog food and homemade raw dog food if you want to take advantage of the best of both worlds – that’s something I personally enjoy doing.

If I had to break it down in percentages, I’d say that I feed 70% homemade raw and 30% premade raw.

That said, I buy as much premade raw dog food as I can whenever it’s on sale. Then it goes into my dog’s raw dog food freezer where I fall back on it when it comes time to travel or have a pet sitter watch and feed my pup.

Here on the blog, I share which raw dog food brands I’ve used with my pups over the years, along with occasional reviews and coupon codes for you, my readers.

Please enjoy!

Unboxing 42lbs of raw dog food from Raw Paws Pet Food
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