8 rolls of premade raw dog food and one pint of raw goat's milk from Raw Paws Pet Food

Premade Raw Dog Food

Not enough time to do raw dog food meal prep and thinking about feeding premade raw dog food?

Or maybe you’re afraid of feeding whole bones and prefer the ground raw dog food option for now?

While there’s no doubt that manufactured raw dog food is more expensive than homemade raw dog food, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider feeding it from time to time…

…or at all times if you can afford commercial raw dog food and appreciate that someone else took the time to make it right FOR YOU!

That’s the main advantage of feeding it when you’re new to raw feeding and looking for raw dog food for beginners.

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Benefits Of Feeding Premade Raw Dog Food

But prebalanced grinds also come in handy when you:

  • Are traveling with your pups
  • Don’t have space for a dedicated raw dog food freezer that holds all the individual components you need for homemade raw
  • Don’t care for handling individual cuts of raw meat because you don’t eat meat yourself and/or it’s gross to you (which is fair!)
  • Don’t feel like cleaning your kitchen every time you raw meal prep for your dog(s)

You can also feed a mix of fully complete grinds and homemade raw dog food if you want to take advantage of the best of both worlds – that’s something I personally enjoy doing.

If I had to break it down in percentages, I’d say that I feed 70% homemade raw and 30% premade raw dog food.

That said, I mostly buy premade raw patties when I can get them on sale.

Then they go into my raw dog food freezer where I fall back on them when it comes time to travel and/or if I have someone else watch and feed my pup.

Here on the blog, I share which raw dog food brands I’ve used with my pups over the years, along with occasional reviews and coupon codes for you, my readers.

Please enjoy!

Where to Buy Commercial Raw Dog Food

There are several reputable brands that offer commercial raw dog food.

Raw Paws Pet Food

One of my personal favorites that I fed my own pups for many years while I lived in the USA is Raw Paws Pet Food.

They offer barf dog food with vegetables as well as prey model raw dog food.

You can either buy directly on their website or purchase Raw Paws Pet Food on Amazon.

The brand is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and ships within the contiguous States.

They offer free shipping for raw dog food orders over $199, and charge a $30 flat rate for orders below that.

Shop premade raw dog food at Raw Paws Pet Food and save 15% with code K9Savings

Shop premade raw dog food at Raw Paws Pet Food and save 15% with my affiliate code K9Savings.

The Raw Paws Pet Food Variety Pack is a 9 lb raw dog food introductory offer that ships free

The Variety Pack is an introductory offer that ships free & qualifies for 15% OFF with my affiliate code K9Savings.

Unboxing 42lb of raw dog food

Our Raw Paws Pet Food unboxing video features 42 lb of meaty goat bones, complete beef and complete chicken.

Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Another excellent choice is Darwin’s Natural Pet Products.

They only offer barf dog food with vegetables online on their website.

Fun fact: They were the brand I started my very own raw dog food journey with back in 2015.

Darwin’s ships within the contiguous US and offers free shipping for orders of 20 lbs or more. They charge a flat rate shipping fee of $10 for orders under that amount.

Raw lamb dog food from Darwin's Natural Pet

Raw Feeding Miami (RFM)

While I mostly ordered individual cuts of raw meat from Raw Feeding Miami, I also ordered a decent amount of their pre-made raw grinds.

They’re all made without the addition of vegetables.

RFM ships within the contiguous US and offers free shipping on orders $150+ with code SHIP150.

Tip: Save 10% off your first raw dog food order from Raw Feeding Miami with my referral discount link.

rabbit grinds from RFM mixed with veggies from Green Juju
Mixing raw rabbit grinds from RFM with veggies from Green JuJu

Viva Raw Pets

Viva Raw Pets is a commercial raw dog food brand based out of North Carolina.

They offer raw meals with vegetables that are exclusively available on their website.

Viva Raw offers free shipping for orders over $250 within most of the contiguous US (except certain areas in Texas and Montana).

I’ve never ordered from them myself so I don’t have any pictures to share.

However, they seem to be the cool new kid on the block so I wanted to include them in this list.

Stella & Chewy’s

Stella & Chewy’s is another reputable raw dog food brand that provides both freeze-dried and frozen commercial raw dog food options.

You can buy their products in pet retail stores throughout the US and Canada. Locate the closest store to you here.

I’ve fed their Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers. That’s a freeze-dried raw dog food that’s wonderful to take along on road trips or use as dog training treats.

It’s availabe in 4 different protein flavors and great for picky eaters!

Meal mixers Stella and Chewy

Answers Pet Food

Answers Pet Food makes fermented raw dog food.

This particular food supports your dog’s gut health.

It’s available both online on their website as well as in specific pet stores throughout the US.

Answers Pet Food is located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania. They ship to all of the Lower 48 States, but I’m not sure how much they charge for shipping.

Click here to read more about fermented raw dog food.

Answers Pet Food freezer at Global Pet Expo 2023

Raw Dog Food Unboxing Videos

Below, you’ll find a few of my raw dog food unboxing videos from some of the brands I mentioned in this section.

For more raw dog food video content, check out my YouTube channel K9sOverCoffee!

Unboxing 42 lb of the Best Prepackaged Raw Dog Food From RawPaws Pet Food + 15% OFF Coupon Code
DIY Raw Dog Food UNBOXING: Raw Feeding Miami
Unboxing Our Raw Dog Food Delivery From DARWIN'S NATURAL PET
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