K9sOverCoffee | 3 Best Raw Dog Foods In The US That I Recommend

What Is The Best Raw Food Company for Dogs?

Prepare for a triple whammy because this blog post isn’t just about the best raw food company for dogs, it’s about the 3 best raw dog foods in the US!

The three brands I mention here really are the highest rated raw dog food brands in my humble opinion.

That’s as far as their overall performance is concerned and includes their protein selection, shipping reliability, and cost/performance ratio.

Please know that they only made it on this list of recommendations because I have consistently ordered/actively order from them for my pups Missy (R.I.P), Buzz, and Wally West.

Missy (50 lbs) and Buzz (75 lbs) are two Boxer mixes from the same litter, and Wally West is a Feist mix (38 lbs).

What Is The Best Raw Food Company for Dogs?

What's the best raw food company for dogs?

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My Experience With Raw Dog Food

I’ve been feeding raw dog food since 2015 and have come across quite a few different brands.

Since then, I’ve been blogging about my raw feeding journey here on this blog and wrote e-books about different raw dog food topics.

I also got my raw dog food nutrition specialist certification from Dogs Naturally Magazine in early 2020! As you can tell, I’m somewhat of a raw dog food nerd.

Certified Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist Certificate of Completion

What Is The Highest Rated Raw Dog Food: Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

I started our raw dog food journey in 2015 with pre-made raw meals from Darwin’s.

That’s the most convenient way of feeding balanced raw dog food. It’s also the easiest when you’re first starting out on raw.

The meals come in 2 pound packages (4 servings of 8 oz. each per package). They feature an EZ-peel opening and are shipped with UPS.

What's the cost of raw dog food? Darwin's raw lamb

Darwin’s offers the following lines of food:

  • Premium Line “Natural Selections™” (free range meat with organic vegetables)
  • Value Line “BioLogics™” (formerly Zoologics, conventional, human quality meat with conventionally grown vegetables)
  • Prescription Line “Intelligent Design™” (specially formulated meals for dogs with certain health issues)

My girl Missy was on Darwin’s raw cancer support formula for end of life support in 2018.

She ate the “Intelligent Design” Cancer Support Formula as it came highly recommended by our homeopathic veterinarian Dr. Charles Loops.

Missy was the reason why I made the switch from kibble to raw in the first place. She was diagnosed with cancer for the first time in late 2014 at just 3.5 years of age. Until then, I (unfortunately) fed her kibble because I didn’t know any better. If I could change ONE thing with raising Missy & Buzz, I would have fed them raw right from the start (I adopted them as 8 week old puppies).

After her cancer surgery and chemo treatments, I switched her to raw dog food in 2015 in order to strengthen her immune system. And sure enough, it worked to a certain degree because she outlived her oncologist’s life expectancy by 3 years.

I eventually lost her to a second cancer diagnosis in April 2018, but I’m so thankful that I got to spend an additional three years with her.

K9sOverCoffee | Darwin's Cancer Support Formula Meals For Dogs
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Darwin’s protein selection consists of:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Duck 
  • Lamb
  • Turkey
K9sOverCoffee | Darwin's Natural Selections Raw Turkey for Dogs & Raw Duck For Dogs with Organic Vegetables

They also offer treats & bones (Beef Rib & Marrow Bones, Duck Necks, Green Tripe, Venison Jerky). However, you have to specifically ask for those as they’re not featured on their website.

K9sOverCoffee | I use Darwin's Natural Selection green tripe and bananas for my homemade green tripe treats

Darwin’s also offers a raw food line for cats (Premium Line “Natural Selections™”).

What Is The Best Raw Food Company for Dogs: Raw Paws Pet Food

I’ve been feeding Raw Paws Pet Food on and off since 2016, depending on what I can find on sale!

Tip: Check out their clearance items!

They ship their raw meals in 1, 3 & 5 lb tubes and bags via FedEx. RPPF offers mostly complete ground meals (can be fed as-is), some ground add-on meats (fish and green tripe), and some individual cuts of raw meat for your own raw dog food meal prep.

Missy and Buzz are excited about their shipment of green tripe from Raw Paws Pet Food
Missy & Buzz with their Raw Paws Pet Food Shipment

The complete meals can be fed as-is and are super convenient for raw feeding beginners.

What's the cost of raw dog food? Ground lamb complete from Raw Paws Pet Food
Raw Paws Pet Food Ground Complete Lamb

Raw Paws Pet Food offers 3 raw diet types:

  • Alpha-Prey Model 
  • BARF 
  • Prey Model

All of their meats are USA raised, hormone- & antibiotic-free, and don’t contain any fillers or additives.

Their protein selection consists of:

K9sOverCoffee.com | Complete beef with green beef tripe from Raw Paws Pet Food
Raw Paws Pet Food Beef with Green Tripe

The brand also offers:

  • Meaty bones (necks, backs, feet, tails, frames, wings, leg quarters)
  • Chews (bully sticks, ears, tracheas, tendons, knee caps, marrow bones, himalayan chews & more)
  • Treats (baked, dehydrated, freeze-dried, smoked, grilled)
K9sOverCoffee.com | A 5 lb bag of raw turkey necks from Raw Paws Pet Food
Raw turkey necks from Raw Paws Pet Food

Tip: The beef green tripe treats make great high-value training treats!!

Raw Paws Pet Food Freeze-Dried Beef Green Tripe is on my list of best single-ingredient treats for dogs
Raw Paws Pet Food Freeze-Dried Beef Green Tripe Treats

Raw Paws also offers raw cat food, treats, and chews.

Tip: You can save 15% off your Raw Paws Pet Food order with my affiliate discount code K9Savings. Simply type it into the discount code field at checkout. Also works on discounted items.

Want a chance to win FREE turkey necks from Raw Paws? Join our quarterly turkey neck giveaway here!

What is the best raw food company for dogs - Raw Paws Pet Food selection

What Is The Best Raw Food Company for Dogs: Raw Feeding Miami

I’ve been shopping at Raw Feeding Miami since 2016. I found out about them when I decided to start making my own raw dog food.

That said, they have an amazing selection of individual cuts of meat including muscle meat, raw meaty bones, and secreting organs. 

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Raw Feeding Miami follows mostly the Prey Model of raw feeding (no veggies).

They have a large selection of different proteins:

Raw Feeding Miami Review - Wally eating a whole thread herring from RFM
Wally about to eat a whole thread herring from Raw Feeding Miami

They also offer supplements, broths, recreational bones, single-ingredient treats (dehydrated) and pre-made, complete meals they call grinds:

  • Chicken
  • Chicken & green tripe
  • Beef & green tripe
  • Beef
  • Duck
  • Goose
  • Lamb
  • Rabbit
  • Pheasant
  • Pork
  • Turkey
K9sOverCoffee.com | Rabbit is a cooling proteins for raw dog food
Complete rabbit grinds from Raw Feeding Miami

They ship their packages via FedEx Ground or UPS and have a 15 lb minimum order requirement. 

What I like about Raw Feeding Miami is their rewards program. With every order you place, they give you a certain amount of points. These points translate into $$$ which can be applied towards a future order.

Tip: You can save 10% off your Raw Feeding Miami order with my referral discount link + get FREE shipping on orders $300+ with code SHIP300.

What Is The Best Raw Food Company for Dogs: Bottom Line

So yes, my answer to the question What is the best raw food company for dogs? is threefold:

  • Darwin’s
  • Raw Paws Pet Food, and
  • Raw Feeding Miami have been my go-to raw dog food brands since I began my raw feeding journey in 2015.

They’ve won me over with their high quality products and their excellent customer service.

They rightfully deserve to be named the 3 best raw dog foods here in the US!

K9sOverCoffee.com | 3 Best Raw Dog Foods In The US That I Recommend

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Barbara launched her blog K9sOverCoffee in 2014 and has been feeding her dogs raw dog food since 2015. As a former professional dog walker, she’s passionate about balancing species-appropriate exercise with healthy dog nutrition. Barbara is raw dog food nutrition certified from “Dogs Naturally Magazine” and the author of several e-books about minimally processed, balanced raw dog food.






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