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Best Single-Ingredient Dog Treats

I’m a big believer in single-ingredient treats, which is why I created this list of best single-ingredient dog treats!

Here’s my motivation behind this:

  1. I want to know what makes it into my dogs’ bodies. I don’t want to have to decipher and figure out what those hard-to-read chemicals on long ingredient lists are and whether or not they have any harmful side effects when I feed them on a regular basis.
  2. My pup Wally has a bunch of food sensitivities. When he eats anything with chicken, grains, salmon, sardines, green lipped mussels as well as with several veggies and fruit, he gets itchy hot spots. As soon as that happens, he starts scratching at himself like crazy. Obviously that’s not good for his skin, but it’s also SUPER annoying for me and anyone else who’s around.

Besides not feeding your pups nutritiously empty fillers and artificial ingredients, the beauty about single-ingredient treats is that they’re great for dogs with sensitive stomachs and allergies!

Let’s say that your dog is allergic to a specific protein, for example chicken or lamb. All you need to do is stop buying treats with chicken or lamb on the ingredient list and go for something else. For example (grass-fed) beef or rabbit.

Now without further ado, the following are my favorite single-ingredient treats!

Best Single Ingredient Dog Treats

Best Single-Ingredient Dog Treats

Disclaimer: Some of the links in this blog post are Amazon associate links. This means that if you click on an affiliate link and buy certain items, I will receive a small commission to keep this blog going. The price is not affected by this and remains the same for you.

Boo Boo’s Best – Dehydrated

Green-Lipped “Mighty Mussels”

On my list of best single-ingredient dog treats: BooBoo's Best Air-Dried Green Lipped Mussels For Dogs

Dr. Harvey’s – Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried

On my list of best single-ingredient dog treats: Single-ingredient, freeze-dried Le Dogue Bites from Dr. Harvey's

Real Dog – Air-Dried

This monthly subscription box contains a crazy large variety of air-dried treats and/or chews that changes every month! If you get a box with my affiliate link, we both get a bag of free treats 🙂

K9sOverCoffee.com | Real Dog's treats and chews made it on my holiday gift guide for raw feeders
Real Dog Box’s subscription box is the best treat & (super) chew subscription box for dogs. Loved by raw feeders and kibble feeders alike!

I began buying the boxes in 2016 for Missy & Buzz. When my new pup Wally joined me in 2019, I also started a monthly subscription for him! This is what we’ve been getting over the years:

  • Beef Tendon, Pizzle, Spleen, Green Tripe, Trachea, Backstrap, Liver and Aorta
  • Elk Meat
  • Pig Ear and Skin
  • Pork Kidney, Heart and Loin
  • Lamb Guller, Liver, Lung, Trachea and Weasand
  • Chicken Feet, Neck, Heart and Liver
  • Turkey Breast, Gizzards & Neck
  • Duck Feet & Wings
  • Wild-Caught Alaskan Pollock, Anchovy and Smelt
  • Salmon Skin & Chunks (oily)
  • Green Lipped Mussels

Raw Paws Pet Food – Freeze-Dried

Beef Green Tripe Toppers

Beef Liver Treats

On my list of best single-ingredient dog treats: Raw Paws Pet Food Freeze-Dried Beef Green Tripe Treats
Raw Paws Pet Food Freeze-Dried Beef Green Tripe Treats

Pure Bites Pet Treats – Freeze-Dried

Vital Essentials – Freeze-Dried

On my list of best single-ingredient dog treats: Freeze-Dried Rabbit Ears & Rabbit Bites from Vital Essentials Are Great Single Ingredient Dog Treats
Rabbit is a cooling protein and a wonderful option for dogs who are allergic to poultry dog treats.
On my list of best single-ingredient dog treats: Minnows by Vital Essentials
Missy Taking A Minnows by Vital Essentials Break On A Hike

Icelandic+ – Air-Dried


K9sOverCoffee.com | Icelandic Herring single-ingredient treats for dogs
Wally with his herring from Icelandic+

All single-ingredient treat brands mentioned above only made it on this list of best single-ingredient dog treats because I have fed them, have been very satisfied with their products, and my dogs Missy, Buzz, & Wally have done exceedingly well with everything they’ve had.

Please know that I have only listed the treats we have actually used, and that every brand has a larger product selection.

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