Raw Dog Food Recipe for Two: My Boxers' Dinner Bowls

Raw Dog Food Recipe For Two: My Boxers’ Dinner Bowls

Today I’m sharing the raw dog food recipe for my pups’ dinner bowls. They’re two Boxer mixes and weigh 50 and 75 lbs, respectively.

On the menu this week is a smorgasbord of raw dog food goodness, along with a little boiled veggie.

I topped their meals off with a joint lubricating, immune system boosting supplement. 

Raw Dog Food Recipe for 2: My Boxers' Dinner Bowls

Raw Dog Food Recipe: My Ingredients

The pups are having raw chicken, turkey, beef, and fish (sardines) this week, along with a boiled sweet potato.

Raw Dog Food Recipe for 2 dogs

Bravo Super Food Turkey Mix

Bravo Super Food’s turkey mix forms the raw base for our meals this week. It consists of ground turkey, turkey bone, turkey heart, turkey gizzard, turkey liver, green beans, squash, and broccoli.

The mix comes in 5 lb tubes and is very affordable at only $17.09 per tube (that’s before tax). I buy them at Naturally Unleashed, an independently owned pet retail store in Fayetteville, NC.

Beef Tongue And Chicken Wings From Walmart

I’m mixing in some cut up beef tongue and whole chicken wings that I bought at a local Walmart last week in preparation for a recipe post I wrote for ThatMutt.com

Boiled Sweet Potatoes From The Grocery Store

Since I boiled some sweet potatoes for myself to eat along with my homemade chili this week, I’m sharing some with the pups.

Not only do they really enjoy the taste of sweet potatoes, they’re also high in dietary fiber & low in fat.

They each get about a tablespoonful.

These particular sweet potatoes weren’t organic, so I removed the skin before feeding them. Had they been organic and not treated with pesticides, I also would have fed the skin.

Ground Sardines From Raw Feeding Miami

I’m topping things off with some ground sardines I still had in the freezer from a previous raw food shipment placed with Raw Feeding Miami.

Update 2020: Raw Feeding Miami no longer carries ground sardines, but they have whole sardines. 2.5 lb cost $9.37.

Sardines are a very oily fish and chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids. It’s a great alternative to bottled fish oil and keeps the pups’ coats healthy and shiny.

I give them about a teaspoonful each. 

Green Lipped Mussel Powder From Super Snouts

I’m also adding some freeze-dried Green Lipped Mussel powder from Super Snouts (found them on Amazon). A 75 g = 2.64 oz jar of the powder costs $17.39, and shipping is free. 

Green Lipped Mussels do wonders for joint lubrication and alleviate arthritic related pain.

Missy & Buzz currently don’t have any joint problems, so I’m feeding the powder as a preventative measure.

At the pups’ weight (between 50-75 lbs), they can each have 3 scoops of the GLM powder per day, which equals 750 mg or 0.02 oz. That’s not a typo – only very little is required, which is why the scoop that’s included comes in handy.

raw dog food recipe for doggie dinner time

Why This Raw Dog Food Recipe Is Not 100% Balanced, Yet OK To Feed

In order to be considered balanced, a raw meal should consist of roughly 80% muscle meat, 10% raw meaty bone, and 10% secreting organs (5% should be liver, 5% some other secreting organ like pancreas or kidneys for example).

If you’re feeding plant matter likes veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds, decrease the muscle meat to 70% and add 10% plant matter.

In our meals this week, the turkey mix is already fairly balanced. The only item it’s missing is a second secreting organ besides the liver. 

The beef tongue is additional muscle meat, and the chicken wing is additional bone along with some muscle meat.

Good to know: Chicken wings consist of about 46% bone. The rest is muscle meat.

The ground sardines fall into the category of muscle meat. 10% of the muscle meat should be (oily) fish.

Green Lipped Mussel powder is a joint supplement, and the sweet potato is plant matter.

The only item we’re not feeding this week is an additional secreting organ such as kidney because I’m out. I’m not too worried about it because I’ll go out and buy some more within the next few days. 

It’s OK to achieve nutritional balance within 7-10 days for adult dogs. Sometimes Missy and Buzz have a large raw meaty bone like a duck frame for breakfast, which means they won’t need any more bone for the next 2 days.

Duck frames consist of 75% bone and 25% muscle meat.

Bone appétit - My Dogs Are Digging Into Their Raw Dog Food

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