Close up of an open Labrador mouth drinking water from a water bottle during summer

Spring & Summer With Dogs

Below, you’ll find ideas for things to do with dogs in spring & summer, including:

  • Hacks for dog pests
  • Refreshing homemade dog treats
  • Relief for dog skin allergies & more!

Solutions For Dog Allergies

Dog allergies can be caused by environmental factors as well as certain foods. A healthy raw dog food diet will strengthen your dog's immune system and decrease allergies tremendously. Check out which products can help offer relief and soothe irritated skin in the meantime!

There are different reasons for dog allergies, but thankfully they can be treated AND cured! My main tip may surprise you!

This controversial dog food allergy test gave me helpful results

This controversial dog food allergy test identified 21 types of meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, and grains my dog is allergic to! No more scratching for us! 

How to enjoy spring and summer without the dog pests

Dog pests like fleas, lice and ticks can take some of the fun out of spring and summer activities with our dogs, so prevention is key!

Getting rid of my Foster's Dog Skin Allergies

My foster Pablo’s dog skin allergies caused him to be an itchy mess, so I switched him from kibble to this hypoallergenic, dehydrated dog food.

Skin Allergies & Raw Diet: My Friend's Dog Is No Longer Itchy

Skin allergies & raw diet: My friend switched her 7 year-old Golden Retriever Lucy to raw dog food, and she’s finally allergy-free!

10 Raw Dog Food Recipes for Dogs with Skin Allergies

These 10 raw dog food recipes are for raw-fed dogs with skin allergies, rashes and yeasty feet and ears. Includes bonus raw dog food meal planner.

Lifestyle Entries

How to calm dogs during fireworks

Fireworks scare animals, which is why it’s essential to learn how to calm dogs during fireworks and ease their fireworks anxiety!

What to do if your dog is scared of thunder

If your dog is scared of thunder, there are ways to manage his fear. Better yet, help them overcome it with a few smart hacks!

Is Cedarwood Essential Oil safe for dogs

How exactly is Cedarwood Essential Oil safe for dogs? In this blog post, I share how I use it with my rescue dog Wally to help him relax.

How to keep dogs cool in the summer heat

Discover essential tips and tricks for how to keep dogs cool and protected from the sweltering summer heat.

How to deal with heat strokes in dogs

Heat strokes in dogs can be fatal, that’s why it’s important to recognize, prevent, and respond to heat strokes effectively.

Refreshing Dog Treats

Raw Goat Milk - How To Easily Turn A Dog Probiotic Into A Summer Treat

Raw goat milk treats are easy to make and a great natural probiotic for dogs. They also relieve joint pain and destroy yeast.

Frozen Banana Watermelon treats for dogs

Watermelon treats for dogs are refreshing, healthy and yummy! This particular frozen dog treat recipe is easy to make & sure to cause drool.

Doggie popsicle with handles recipe

Cool off your furry friend with DIY doggie popsicles! These frozen treats are super tasty and great to rehydrate your pup on a hot summer’s day.

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