Looking at two Mesh Dog Harnesses by One Tigris

Sturdy OneTigris Mesh Dog Harnesses: AIRE MESH vs COMET’S TAIL

Let’s talk mesh dog harnesses!

Specifically the AIRE MESH and the COMET’S TAIL dog harnesses from OneTigris.

Because here’s the thing – earlier this year, OneTigris contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in testing their mesh dog harnesses with my pup Wally.

Well, given that we’ve been beyond happy with their dog backpack that we’ve used for 2+ years, and the fact that we hadn’t tried ANY mesh dog harnesses yet, Wally and I agreed.

That said, we’ve been having lots of fun testing their AIRE MESH and COMET’S TAIL harness in various settings, including in our dog training, on walks and hikes, and in the car.

Just FYI, Wally’s a 38 lb, 6 year old Feist Mix. That’s a squirrel hunting dog from the Southern States with a strong prey drive.

Now, as you can see in the pictures throughout this blog post, one of the mesh harnesses has more coverage and is longer than the other.

That’s the AIRE MESH.

Taking that into consideration, I’ll answer the following questions in this blog post:

  • Do the different back lengths affect the way these harnesses fit Wally?
  • Doesn’t the mesh part make the harnesses more likely to tear?
  • How much mesh is in these dog harnesses anyway?
  • How are they helping with our reactivity training?
  • Do they make good car dog harnesses?

I also shared our findings in the comparison video below:

OneTigris Mesh Dog Harness Review: COMET'S TAIL and AIRE MESH + Discount Code

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OneTigris Dog Mesh Harness: AIRE MESH vs COMET’S TAIL

First things first, you’ll find a comparison table of the two mesh dog harnesses right below.

That way, you can get a quick overview of their different features and pricing.

Just FYI, Wally wears a size small in both of these mesh dog harnesses.

Here’s his measurements:

  • 14.75″ around the neck
  • 22″ around the chest

He has the OneTigris AIRE MESH Dog Harness in grey, and the OneTigris COMET’S TAIL Dog Harness in orange.

Comparing OneTigris Mesh Dog Harnesses

Comparison Table

Features & More OneTigris AIRE MESH Dog Harness OneTigris COMET’S TAIL Dog Harness
Price (in 2024) Starts at $38.99 (size dependent) Starts at $27.99 (size dependent)
Amazon Customer Reviews (in 2024) 4.6* (1,500+ ratings) 4.2* (46 ratings)
Material 1000D nylon
Stainless steel D-rings
High tensile strength mesh fabric
4 UTX-Duraflex quick-release buckles 
1000D nylon
Stainless steel D-ring
High tensile strength mesh fabric
2 UTX-Duraflex quick-release buckles 
Adjustable Straps Yes Yes
Reflective Details No Yes
Handle for Control 2 padded handles 1 padded handle
Leash Attachment 1 D-Ring on the chest
2 D-Rings on the back (stainless steel)
1 D-Ring on the chest
1 D-Ring on the back (stainless steel)
Velcro Patch Area Yes, 3 large rows on each side Yes, 2 short rows on each side
No Pull Dog Harness Yes Yes
Goes Over The Head Yes Yes
Works As A Dog Car Harness Yes No
Design Heavy Duty Tactical Lightweight Tactical
Available Sizes Small: Neck 14-20″, Chest 20-27″, Back Length 12.5″
Medium: Neck 16-23″, Chest 24-32″, Back Length 15″
Large: Neck 18-25″, Chest 27-36″, Back Length 17″
X-Large: Neck 20-29″, Chest 31-40″, Back Length 19″
Small: Neck 11-17″, Chest 15-22″, Back Length 8.5″
Medium: Neck 16-23″, Chest 24-32″, Back Length 10″
Large: Neck 18-25″, Chest 27-36″, Back 11″
Available Colors Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Orange Black, Orange
Quick Dry Yes Yes
Suitable for Walking/Running Yes Yes
Suitable for Hiking/Outdoor Yes Yes
Suitable for Service Dogs Yes Yes
Includes Patch Yes: ONETIGRIS patch Yes: DO NOT PET patch

The Different Back Lengths Of The Mesh Harnesses

As you can see in the pictures, the orange COMET’S TAIL has a considerably shorter back than the grey AIRE MESH harness.

That said, it doesn’t affect the way these harnesses fit Wally at all because he’s sort of an in between dog as far as back length goes.

So he’s the type of dog that fits into both.

Generally speaking, I’d say that dogs with longer backs like your Shepherds and Retrievers may be a better fit for the AIRE MESH harness since it’s a longer design overall.

Walking Wally on the OneTigris Aire Mesh dog harness
The AIRE MESH dog harness has a longer back than the COMET’S TAIL

But they can also fit into a mesh harness with a shorter back.

For these dogs, it’s a matter of their pawrent’s style preference.

So if you prefer a dog vest with greater coverage, the AIRE MESH harness would be a better fit than the COMET’S TAIL, and vice versa.

Now, if you’re the proud pawrent of a dog with a shorter back like a Corgi or a Beagle, I’d probably opt for the COMET’S TAIL.

Overall, that’s the better mesh dog harness for small dogs.

How Much Mesh Is In These Harnesses?

These harnesses are truly designed with breathability in mind, so I was happy to see lots of mesh in both, and Wally was grateful for the airflow on our adventures!

In fact, the interior of each harness is completely lined with breathable mesh, including the chest piece and the back piece.

Looking under the hood of the OneTigris mesh dog harnesses
Looking under the hood of our mesh harnesses

Likewise, the exterior of each harness has a mesh only part.

On the grey AIRE MESH harness, the mesh only part lines the part that covers Wally’s spine on either side of the vertical padded handle.

Looking at the OneTigris mesh dog harnesses from above, one is a do not pet harness for dogs
Top view of the mesh harnesses

On the orange COMET’S TAIL, the mesh only part surrounds the velcro patch area on either side of his back.

All this mesh is particularly great for our adventures in warmer weather!

How Durable Is The Mesh?

It’s durable!

OneTigris made their mesh harnesses with multiple layers of fabric, and designed them with reinforcements. 

So you’d have to take a sharp object like scissors or nails to the mesh material to make it tear!

How The OneTigris Mesh Dog Harnesses Help With Our Dog Reactivity Training

I already shared that Wally’s a bit on the reactive side towards dogs he doesn’t know.

That’s why we’re currently taking dog group training classes to nip this behavior in the bud once and for all.

Wally at group dog training class with his no pet dog harness
Wally and his Daddy at group dog training class

Now, while we’re working on getting him to the point where he can calmly walk by others dogs (and horses too!), the mesh dog harnesses come in super handy because both have:

  • Velcro patch areas
  • Strong grab handles on the back
  • Metal front leash attachment points that turn the harness into a no pull harness

That’s great news because while I have other harnesses with grab handles, most don’t have the additional benefit of velcro patch areas.

So with these mesh harnesses, I’ve been using our IN TRAINING velcro dog patches, and I’ve also alternated them with the DO NOT PET harness patch the COMET’S TAIL came with.

Just FYI, I started using the IN TRAINING patches back when I bought the OneTigris Dog Backpack in 2021.

That one also has velcro patch areas, but I can’t use the pack during warmer weather because Wally gets too hot wearing it.

Another reason why the OneTigris mesh harnesses come in super handy when I can’t use his dog backpack!

But either way, the patches have definitely helped encourage people with dogs to keep a distance and give Wally space.

I’ve noticed that the bright orange COMET’S TAIL harness has been particularly helpful in getting people to see us!

Bonus: It also has reflective lining that’s great for nighttime visibility.

The bright orange of the OneTigris Comet's Tail Mesh Dog Harness makes it easy to be seen
Our bright orange COMET’S TAIL DO NO PET harness for dogs has reflective lining

As far as the handles go, they’re great as an additional backup with Wally’s reactivity issues, particularly around horses too.

There’s so many horseback riders here in our neck of the woods, and Wally doesn’t really care for them, ha.

With him, he doesn’t mind larger animals like donkeys, horses and cows as long as they’re standing still or just grazing.

But when they’re in motion, he’s not a happy trooper!

You can see us use the handles to keep him close by in the mesh dog harness comparison video we shot (at minute 4:50).

Do They Make Good Car Dog Harnesses?

Yes and no!

Let me explain.

So while the AIRE MESH is not designed as a car dog harness per se and hasn’t been crash tested, I do occasionally use it to secure Wally in the car.

The metal leash attachment point on the back that’s closest to his tail works great for that purpose.

But that said, the COMET’S TAIL doesn’t work to secure Wally in the car because the metal leash attachment point on the back of that harness is closest to Wally’s head.

And that’s not a safe spot to secure dogs in cars. Just like it’s not safe to secure a dog in the car on their collar.

The OneTigris Comet's Tail mesh dog harness is not a dog car harness, but the Aire Mesh can be used in the car
AIRE MESH vs COMET’S TAIL in the car

OneTigris AIRE MESH vs COMET’S TAIL Mesh Harness For Dogs: Bottom Line

I’m super happy that OneTigris asked me if I’d be willing to review their two mesh dog harnesses.

As expected, I love them as much as I love their dog backpack, and I’ve used the heck out of that one for more than 2 years at this point.

So yes, if you ask me if I recommend them, the answer is YES, I do.

That’s because both harnesses belong to the OneTigris tactical dog harness collection, which makes them super versatile to begin with.

I mean, you can even use them as service dog vests!

Overall, the COMET’S TAIL “DO NOT PET” Harness for dogs is the more lightweight option between the two, and the AIRE MESH is great if you’re looking for a mesh dog harness with greater coverage.

Features of the OneTigris Comet's Tail Mesh Dog Harness and of the OneTigris Aire Mesh Dog Harness

Have you used a OneTigris dog harness or been thinking about using a mesh dog harness?

Let me know in the comment section below this blog post!

Comparing OneTigris Mesh Dog Harnesses

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