The softest dog leather collar & leash set

The Softest Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set

Hello softest leather dog collar & leash set!! I truly had no idea how soft leather collars and leashes can be until I touched the ones from CoLLaR.

The first time I heard of the CoLLaR company was earlier in February this year when I came across their PULLER dog toy product review on

I entered their giveaway and ended up being one of the 3 lucky winners!

That said, the pups have been having lots of fun with the PULLER rings, and I’ve incorporated them in our training routine.

Pups with PULLER toy
Missy & Buzz with the CoLLaR Puller dog toy

The Softest Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set

The softest leather dog collar and leash set by CoLLaR company

Disclaimer: K9sOverCoffee received two collar & leash sets from CoLLaR in return for an honest review. Here on K9sOverCoffee, I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers & always provide 100% honest reviews.

COLLAR Company

CoLLaR is a Ukrainian based pet products manufacturer who has been making quality pet products since 1995. Their pet products are sold in 40 countries on all continents. 

CoLLaR didn’t disappoint when their 2 leather dog collar and leash sets arrived in our mailbox. 

By the way: The leather goods were packed & shipped in CoLLaR’s signature bag.

As it served two purposes at once (packaging & shipping material), it was gentle on the environment, which is a huge bonus in our book!

Why Leather Dog Leashes?

I first came to appreciate the comfort of leather dog leashes when I took my Basic Obedience Class with the pups back in 2013. 

My trainer Rhonda was using a leather dog leash.

She shared that she’s been using nothing but leather throughout her decades of teaching obedience classes because of how smooth & gentle it felt in her hands, and because of its durability.

She invited all of the class participants to feel & use her extra leather dog leashes throughout our class.

I believe we all bought the leather leashes from her that night.

Smart move on her part, and certainly one I didn’t regret for one second!

Beauty, Quality, & Comfort In One Design

Lily from CoLLaR sent us two different designs which reflect our pups’ respective genders beautifully:

Missy received the CoLLaR SOFT Brilliance set (size medium for her 54 lbs).

It features a soft, high quality leather dog collar with two sets of 12 rhinestones on each side of the metal tag holder.

Her Brilliance Leash matches the collar perfectly as it also features rhinestones (26, to be exact)!

CoLLar Brilliance leather leash and collar

Buzz’s CoLLaR SOFT leash & round collar set doesn’t feature rhinestone decorations.

Instead, it has a decorative, classy looking feathered stitching (size large for his 74 lbs).

CoLLar SOFT round collar and leash set

Both leashes are 4′ long.

Missy’s Brilliance Leash is 0.75″ wide and 1/4″ thick.

Buzz’s leash is 0.5″ in diameter.

Both collars & leashes are stamped with the CoLLaR logo.  

Genuine, Soft Leather Dog Collars & Leashes

The leather already feels amazingly soft, and will only get softer with usage & time ~ one of the key features of leather products! 

Buzz’s leash is even softer than Missy’s ~ it truly feels like a soft feather in your hand! What a surprisingly luxurious feeling! 

Side note: Both CoLLaR leashes are made of a softer leather than the ones I purchased in my obedience class.

Genuine leather CoLLar
CoLLar SOFT tags
Different leather leashes

Reliable Hardware & Durable Design

Despite the softness of the leather, the collars & leashes still feel sturdy.

After all, that’s an important aspect to consider when you’re choosing walking & training equipment for larger dogs.

Any dogs, really, but particularly true for larger & stronger breeds.

The durable design of the leather leash interior is made possible by a nylon cord, which is wrapped with the amazingly soft leather.


These leather dog collars and leashes can be used in any type of weather ~ to include rain ~ but you should apply a leather conditioner from time to time to keep them looking their best.

Round Leather Collar Ideal For Long-Haired Dogs

Buzz’s smooth wash-n-wear coat makes choosing his accessories an easy task.

All you long-haired dog parents might, however, be interested in the fact that the round leather collar is ideal for long-haired dogs.

That’s because it’s designed not to damage a dog’s long hair.

Great Leash Length For Control During Walks

4-6′ is an ideal leash length for great control over your dog on walks.

The CoLLaR leashes check that box! 

I don’t tolerate leash pulling and taught the pups to walk politely on leash.

4-6′ long leashes make polite leash training so much easier than longer leads, let alone retractable ones.

Different lengths leather leashes

The Softest Leather Dog Collar and Leash Set: Bottom Line

Not only do the CoLLaR SOFT leashes feel amazingly soft & look stylish on our pups, they’re also made to last and fit our training criteria.

Our pack give our new leather dog collars & leashes 8 enthusiastic paws up!

Do you like leather leashes and collars? As always, we’d love to hear from you in our comment section below this blog post!

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