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What Raw Dog Food Delivery Day Looks Like

Today, you get to peek into a recent raw dog food delivery here at K9sOverCoffee.

It was a medium size delivery that consisted of the following:

  • Turkey gizzards
  • Turkey necks
  • Rabbit heads
  • Rabbit carcasses
  • Ground herring
  • Complete beef

Now, rather than just throwing everything right into my raw dog food freezer, there’s a few more steps I take beforehand.

I’ll point them out in this blog post and also share a video of the process towards the end!

Ready? Let’s jump right in!

What Raw Dog Food Delivery Day Looks Like At K9sOverCoffee

What raw dog food delivery day looks like at K9sOverCoffee

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I Check My Order Against My Invoice

Did we get everything we ordered?

That’s the first thing Wally & I check before we unload the raw dog food delivery box.

Surprisingly enough, I’ve only had to contact a raw dog food retailer I ordered from to report a wrong item once.

That was back in the States when I placed an order with Raw Feeding Miami (RFM).

Raw dog food orders I've placed with Raw Feeding Miami
Some of my RFM orders

I had ordered green tripe chunks and got ground green tripe instead. No big deal, but I still wanted to let them know.

Turns out, they had just run out of the green tripe chunks when I placed the order, so they replaced it with the ground kind.

I Update My Freezer Inventory Sheets On Raw Dog Food Delivery Day

After I check my order against the invoice, I update my freezer inventory sheets.

So I add/write down all the new cuts of meat I got with the new delivery, including their quantity and use by date.

That’s where I really get to nerd out on my raw dog food freezer organization!

Just as an FYI, I finally implemented this new freezer organizing system on January 1 of this year because I wanted to be able to quickly see which cuts of raw meat I’m low on or out of…

…without taking everything out of the freezer first!

So I went ahead and created raw dog food inventory sheets. They consist of the different raw dog food ingredient categories, respective quantities and use by dates:

Secreting Organs Quantity Use by
Turkey liver
Beef testicles
Pork kidney
Muscle Meat Quantity Use by
Turkey gizzards
Lamb green tripe
Deer heart
Raw Meaty Bones Quantity Use by
Duck necks
Rabbit heads
Chicken leg quarters

By the way, I shared them with you in my raw dog food inventory sheet blog post here.

Raw dog food inventory sheets on my freezer
I hang my freezer inventory sheets on my upright freezer door

I Fill My Raw Dog Food Freezer With The New Delivery

Once I’ve updated my freezer inventory sheets, I unload the foam cooler and add everything to Wally’s raw dog food freezer.

Here’s where I get to nerd out some more because I went ahead and categorized the inside of my freezer as well.

So each freezer drawer holds a dedicated raw dog food component:

  • Fish
  • Plant matter
  • Muscle meat
  • Secreting organs
  • Raw meaty bones

I also have one drawer that I dedicate for my finished homemade meals and any premade raw meals that are ready to feed as is.

Upright freezer organization ideas

I Grab Any Cuts of Meat I Need For Meal Prep

If I need to do raw dog food meal prep soon after the new delivery came in, I grab the respective raw dog food ingredients, update my freezer inventory list, and take them upstairs into my kitchen.

Just FYI, now that we live in Germany, Wally’s raw dog food freezer is downstairs in the basement.

When we lived in the States, I had my raw dog food freezers in the garage and right outside my walk-in pantry.

I sure miss the meal prep convenience of those days!

What Raw Dog Food Delivery Day Looks Like: Bottom Line

I’m glad I’ve implemented a system because it makes raw dog food delivery day easy and stress-free:

  • First, I check my invoice against my raw dog food order
  • Next, I update my freezer inventory sheets
  • Then I load my raw dog food freezer

Here’s a raw dog food delivery video that walks you through that process:

What raw dog food delivery day looks like

One last thing: I recycle the foam coolers my raw dog food deliveries come in, but I do keep the cardboard boxes since they’re nice and sturdy.

You never know when you might need moving or storage boxes, right?

What does raw dog food delivery day look like in your home? Let me know in the comment section below this blog post!

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