Our dog-friendly Red Roof Inn Hilton Head Island Review

Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island: Red Roof Inn, Shopping & Restaurants

Missy & I just left for a little winter getaway weekend on dog-friendly Hilton Head Island.

Disclaimer: Our weekend stay was sponsored by Red Roof Inn. This blog post was originally published in 2017 and has been updated in 2023.

More specifically, the Red Roof Inn on Hilton Head Island in SC.

That’s 280 miles from our Fort Bragg, NC home.

Compared to our last 760 mile road trip to Memphis, TN, this one seemed just like a hop, skip and a jump away!

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Mapping Out Our Roadtrip

The Red Roof Inn Hotel Chain

Red Roof Inn is a budget-friendly hotel chain.

What I love most about them is their You Stay Happy, Pets Stay Free! policy.

Every property allows one well-behaved dog per room without charging a fee, and many even allow two.

Just call ahead and ask! It’s what I’ve done before when I stayed at a different Red Roof Inn property in Knoxville, TN – they allowed two dogs per room.

This particular property on Hilton Head Island only allows one dog per room.

Our dog friendly Red Roof Inn Hilton Head Island Review

The Red Roof Inn on Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island

This particular Red Roof Inn is conveniently located in the heart of the island and only 3 miles from the beach at 5 Regency Parkway | Hilton Head Island | SC | 29928 | 843-686-6808

This particular Red Roof Inn property is a two-story building that was just renovated in 2016 and very clean.

The Lobby

Coffee and tea are available 24/7 in the lobby.

This area also features an ATM, maps of the area, a microwave, a wall-mounted flat-screen TV and a few arm chairs.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - 24/7 Coffee And Tea In The Lobby

The hotel offers free wifi, free local calls, free long-distance calls within the continental US, and free fax service (up to 10 pages). 

Check-in is at 4 pm, and check-out is at 11 am. 

Outdoor Pool Area

Their outdoor pool looked super inviting, but of course it wasn’t exactly warm enough to hop in yet.

Besides, I didn’t have anyone to watch Missy since dogs aren’t allowed in the pool area and can’t be left alone in your room.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Outdoor Pool
Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - No Pets In Pool Area

Outside Space

There were plenty of trees and palm trees to pee next to, and lots of new smells to investigate.

Missy particularly enjoyed the greenery around the pool area and watching squirrels race up and down palm trees!

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Property Pictures 1-4
Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Property Pictures 5-8

It was conveniently located next to a BP gas station, which I took advantage of right after check out on Sunday to fill up.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Conveniently Located Next To A BP Gas Station

The Red Roof Inn on Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island: Staff

The staff was super friendly and gave Missy & I many pointers of what to do on the island. 

I especially liked the map of the island and the restaurant guide Fork & Fun because it featured many dog-friendly options.

Maintenance manager David also gave us a secret beach tip for a beach that’s less crowded than others and has free parking. 

I didn’t end up checking it out because I was still battling with a cold.

Because of that, I just didn’t have enough energy to head back out to the beach.

However, I made a big not-so-mental note in my island diary because I’ll be back sooner or later! 

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Map Of The Island
Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Dog-Friendly Restaurant Guide Fork & Fun
Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Missy Patiently Waiting For Mommy To Be Done Studying The Island Map & Restaurant Guide

David also gave Missy lots of lovings and received enthusiastic doggie kisses in return!

Front desk clerk Kathie got Missy kisses as well, and hotel manager Chris exchanged lovings with her too. 

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Missy Giving Kathie Kisses

The Red Roof Inn On Hilton Head Island: Our Family-Friendly Two-Room Suite

Did you guys know that Red Roof Inns have two-room suite options?

I have to admit that I wasn’t aware of that until Missy & I enjoyed the comfortable stay in one this past weekend.

So far we’ve only stayed in single rooms. 

Living Room & Dining Room Space

Our suite consisted of a living room/dining room area along with a bedroom/bathroom area.

They’re separated by a partial wall and glass doors featuring blinds. 

Both areas were equipped with a flat screen TV, a phone, a comfortable faux leather arm chair and a 3-drawer dresser.

The living room/dining room also featured a:

  • Safe
  • Mini fridge
  • Microwave
  • Coffee table
  • Two side tables
  • Faux leather sofa bed
  • In-room coffee maker
  • Dining table with 2 chairs

The fridge was perfect for us since Missy eats raw dog food which needs to be refrigerated!

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Dining Room-Living Room Area
Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - The Fridge Was Perfect To Store Missy's Raw Food & Treats

Bedroom Area

The bedroom was designed around a comfy King size bed that we cuddled up in it Friday night and watched Rush Hour.

It also featured a workspace (perfect for bloggers…just saying!), an alarm clock as well as an iron and ironing board.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Bedroom-Workspace Area

Bathroom With Cruelty-Free Hygiene Products

The bathroom was equipped with a hair dryer and a bathtub/shower combo with perfect water pressure and instant hot water!

It also had a vent and cruelty-free hygiene products.

How’s that for pet-friendly?! 

I personally loved that detail. 

Bathroom Features At The Red Roof Inn on Hilton Head Island

Hardwood-Like Flooring

One of the best parts in my opinion was the hardwood-like flooring throughout.

Perfect to clean up potential doggie accidents, easy to sweep sand away, and so much healthier than wall-to-wall carpeting.

Our 2-Room Suite In Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn

Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island: Shopping

Just like our Red Roof Inn hotel, the island is a dog-friendly one.

Many stores allow well-behaved, leashed pets inside.

Dog-Friendly Stores On Hilton Head Island

We checked out two stores in the Shelter Cove shopping area: Players World of Sports & Art Ware.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Missy At Dog-Friendly Store Player's World of Sports
Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Dog-Friendly Gift Shop Art Ware

Woofgang Bakery & Grooming on Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island

Of course we wanted to check out a pet retail store while on the island and found one within just 0.2 miles to our hotel!

Woofgang Bakery & Grooming is a fun, independently owned dog store that features accessories likes collars, leashes and toys, treats and chews, and a grooming/spa area. 

Missy & I were greeted by Shih-Tzu Pepper, the clerk’s pup, who was tiny enough to be walking around on the counter. 

We browsed their goodie selection and purchased a bully stick, venison treats, and a few cookies from their cookie bar. 

Woofgang Bakery And Grooming on Hilton Head Island

Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island: Breakfast at Watusi’s on Hilton Head Island

Sunday morning we decided to give Watusi’s a try.

They serve breakfast all day long and have a fairly large, dog-friendly patio with two water bowls. 

I had a huge chai latte and french toast with crispy bacon while Missy enjoyed the bully stick we had purchased at Woofgang’s the day before.

My portion was humongous, so I only ate half and took the leftovers to go. 

I really enjoyed their dog-friendly patio, but I wasn’t too impressed with their french toast. It wasn’t bad, but nothing out of the ordinary.

In all honesty, I compared it to the phenomenal french toast & crispy bacon I had had the previous weekend during my trip to San Diego, CA at a place named Kono’s.

That one is hard to beat!!

We got to Watusi’s at 9:30 am which was the perfect time to get an awesome spot on their patio, by the way.

There was only one couple sitting outside who said hi to Missy.

They were fellow dog owners who missed their two Weimaraners.

When we left, just about 45 minutes later, the patio was filling up rather quickly and people started to stand in line to get a spot inside.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Watusi's

Kroger Grocery Store

I loved the Kroger Grocery Store located just around the corner from the dog-friendly stores in the Shelter Cove shopping area.

Obviously Missy wasn’t allowed in there because it’s a grocery store and she’s not a service dog. 

Since Saturday morning was cool with temps in the low 50s, she was fine hanging out in the car while I grabbed some breakfast.

The latter consisted of a chai latte from the in-store Starbucks, and several french croissants from the bakery section at Kroger’s. 

Which brings me to the one aspect I didn’t love about the hotel.

They only serve free continental breakfast during peak season (from Memorial Day through Labor Day).

Since we were there in early February, there was no breakfast at the hotel. 

I didn’t let it bum me out too much though and enjoyed the visual overload of yummy goodies at Kroger’s instead.

Honestly, you don’t have to dine out anywhere if budget is a concern.

Kroger’s is a well-stocked grocery store featuring a salad bar, freshly-made Sushi bar, decadent cakes in the bakery section, wines, beers, sodas…you name it, they carry it.

If I didn’t have a cold, I would have bought a nice bottle of red wine and enjoyed it in the hotel.

Kroger Shelter Cove Town Center On Hilton Head Island

Shelter Cove Community Park on Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island

I ended up having the breakfast I bought at Kroger’s on a park bench at Shelter Cove Community Park, just around the corner from Kroger’s.

While I had my breakfast, Missy had a few treats and some water on the bench right next to me.

There’s an impressive view of a swamp, but we didn’t see any gators.

Too bad, I would have liked to see some in their natural habitat. 

Shelter Cove Community Park On Hilton Head Island
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Folly Field Beach Park on Hilton Head Island

There are several beaches on this island, and we checked out the one at Folly Field Beach Park.

The Parking Area

There’s parking right in front of it, but it’s not free. It’s not outrageously expensive either at $1 per hour.

You need to have cash though.

Good thing I always have quarters in my car!

The Beach Area

We paid for an hour and spent those 60 minutes walking up and down Folly Field Beach.

We practiced a little obedience, took a few refreshing sips of water, and just enjoyed the breeze.

There are restrooms and a hose right by the parking lot, and we used the hose to wash off Missy’s paws. 

I wasn’t too concerned about the sand.

After all, that was obviously also in the parking lot and was going to end up in the car either way, but I did want to wash the salt water off her paws.

Winter Getaway to Hilton Head Island's Dog-Friendly Red Roof Inn - Folly Field Beach Park

Poop Bag Stations

It’s a good thing that we always carry plenty of poop bags when we’re out walking because the poop bag station right by the beach entrance was completely empty.

And of course Missy had to poop on the beach!

Just FYI, the two poop bag stations at Shelter Cove Community Park were fully filled.

Empty Poop Bag Station at Folly Field Beach On Hilton Head Island

Beach Rules For Dogs

The beach rules for dogs were pretty straight forward.

Dogs are allowed on the beach at all times during off season between October through March.

They either need to be under voice control or leashed. The rules vary for peak season (see picture below). 

As always, they need to be picked up after, but that’s really a no brainer.

I tied Missy’s filled poop bag to her Ruffwear Front Range harness until we came by a trash can.

Thankfully, there are several on the beach.

Missy stayed leashed because her recall isn’t 100%.  

There were quite a few dogs on the beach, either leashed or under voice control!

I was impressed.

Every time someone called their dog back, they obeyed right away. 

Beach Dog Rules On Hilton Head Island
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Any Cons?

Like I said before, this Red Roof Inn only serves free continental breakfast during peak season from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

It was a bit of an inconvenience, but the breakfast I got from Kroger’s more than made up for it.

Also a reminder that this particular Red Roof Inn is firm on their 1 dog only per room policy.

Red Roof Inn On Hilton Head Island: Bottom Line

We give this Red Roof Inn location 4 enthusiastic paws up! It’s pet-friendly and located in the heart of the island.

Most importantly, it’s also budget-friendly with room rates starting at $79.

Our two-room suite was $104.99 per night. Update 2023: These days, it’s $129.

Have you stayed at a Red Roof Inn Hotel or explored the island?

As always, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below this blog post!

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8 responses to “Dog-Friendly Hilton Head Island: Red Roof Inn, Shopping & Restaurants”

  1. Sharon Seltzer Avatar
    Sharon Seltzer

    It’s nice to know that Red Roof Inns allows big dogs. Hilton Head looks fabulous.

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      Isn’t it? It’s great that they don’t have a dog weight restriction policy and they will always try to accommodate guests with dogs on the first floor. I’ve only been on the second floor with both pups once, and there was an elevator we had fun riding 🙂

      Yes, Hilton Head is a beautiful island, certainly one I wouldn’t mind being stranded on…they don’t lack anything as far as stores and creature comfort goes. They also have a Harris Teeter and a Fresh Market besides the Kroger’s I mentioned, Dunkin Coffee, Starbucks, tons of restaurants, a Barnes & Noble…almost too much for an island. Almost 😉

  2. Elaine Avatar

    How cool, a girl’s island getaway!! We’ve been to the Outer Banks a lot but have never been down to SC or Hilton Head. I’ve heard it’s beautiful and your pictures prove it. It’s so nice when a hotel chain is dog friendly and the staff cares about making you feel welcome with your pet. Great job, Red Roof Inn.

    Btw, I love the pic of Missy waiting for you to check out the map. That’s the classic “Let’s get going” look, haha! Glad you both had a great time there. ?

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      Haha, yes, thank you Elaine, it was a girl’s getaway for sure 🙂 Next time it’ll be Buzz’s turn. He hasn’t been to an island yet 😉 Red Roof Inn really does do a fab job making us feel welcome. I’m so happy I found out about them before our big road trip last year. I haven’t checked out any of their Red Roof Plus + locations yet, but have a feeling we’ll do that sometime this year.

      Oh yeah, she was sporting her impatient look. In her opinion, Mommy took way too long to get going and put her leash on 😉

  3. Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets Avatar
    Jan K, Wag N Woof Pets

    What a nice little getaway! I love some of those features of the Inn, the larger suite, the wood floors, and cruelty-free products – impressive! One thing we’ve never done is taken any of our dogs to a motel (we used to camp with them). That’s something I definitely want to experience someday, especially at the beach. 🙂

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      I hadn’t taken the pups along to a hotel until last year either, but they’re pros by now 😉 Yes, the beach had been on my to-experience list with the pups for quite some time as well, and I finally checked that one off last year. I thoroughly enjoy exploring new places, and it’s always a bonus when the pups can tag along, of course.

  4. Pamela | Something Wagging Avatar

    Fun to see your Hilton Head visit. We anchored near Hilton Head in late January. We moved over to a marina in town after we needed to repair our dinghy motor after it went overboard.

    Given how many “no pets allowed” signs we saw on our side of the marina, Honey would have rather been at the Red Roof Inn.

    1. K9sOverCoffee Avatar

      Thanks, Pamela, it was fun for sure – and almost a little surreal when I think about the fact that we’re only 4.5 hours away from an actual island!

      What a major bummer that you ran into so many “no pets allowed” signs. I wonder why that marina doesn’t welcome pets? Definitely one of the downsides of your boat life. But I’d say that most everything else makes up for it!!

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