Work With K9sOverCoffee: Freelance (Pet) Writer & Blogger 👩‍💻

Work With K9sOverCoffee👩‍💻

As a freelance copywriter and editor in the pet industry, I welcome you to my blog K9sOverCoffee!

Thank you for exploring options of working together.

I’m Barbara Rivers, a trilingual, 40-something dog lover, e-book author, founder, copywriter, editor and dog nutrition & lifestyle blogger at K9sOverCoffee.

Barbara Rivers is the founder, blogger, and writer  at K9sOverCoffee

I hold a Master of Arts in American and French studies from University of Heidelberg, Germany, and a certificate in raw dog food nutrition from Dogs Naturally Magazine.

That said, there are two options of working together.

Work With K9sOverCoffee: Freelance (Pet) Writer & Blogger

The blog is my main platform where I help dogs thrive with species-appropriate, raw dog food and breed-specific physical & mental exercise.

For this purpose, I create editorial content such as blog posts and raw dog food e-books that explain how to feed raw dog food and motivate readers to exercise their dogs using a variety of different tools:

Blog Sponsors & Review/Giveaway Posts

I welcome long-term blog sponsors who want to help me educate my readers about the health benefits of raw dog food and the importance of exercise – canine obesity is such as problem, let’s tackle it together!

Additionally, I’m available for creating sponsored blog-, review-, and giveaway posts such as these:

Affiliate & Brand Ambassador Relationships

I also welcome affiliate & brand ambassador relationships for products that relate to raw dog food and healthy lifestyle choices overall.

Currently, I’m engaged in affiliate/brand ambassador relationships with Raw Paws Pet Food and Raw Feeding Miami.

That said, I’m only available to work with brands and their products I truly believe in and actively use.

Brand Requirements

If you’re a brand whose products I haven’t used yet, I kindly ask two things.

First, that you give me two months of time to use your product(s). That time is essential for me to familiarize myself with your brand and vision.

Second, that you value my time as a content creator. This implies that you understand that I can’t offer product reviews simply in exchange for free products. It’s an unsustainable concept that does not pay the bills.

My Blog Stats

My average blog reader is female and between 25-44 years old. That said, 53.2% of my readers are female, and 46.8% are male.

K9sOverCoffee Google Demographics date

Guest Posting

I currently don’t accept any guest post contributions UNLESS you’re a raw feeder yourself!

2. Freelance Copywriting Services

I’m also available for editorial (Amazon) copywriting and editing, with a special focus on/expertise in the pet industry.

Working on launching your products on the German market? As a native German speaker, I can help you with English-German translations as well!

For pricing regarding your specific business needs, please contact me directly and I’ll be happy to discuss custom rates.

What I’ve Done

Besides on my own blog K9sOverCoffee, this is where you can find my work!

Freelance Copywriter For That Mutt

As a freelance copywriter in the pet industry, I’ve contributed several monthly blog posts to the blog since October 2017.

Topics covered include raw feeding, dog training and lifestyle/review posts

Freelance Copywriter For Mighty Paw

I’ve written LOTS of Amazon product listings as well as many weekly and monthly blog posts for dog gear & dog chew brand Mighty Paw from 2020-2022 when I worked as their Director of Content Marketing & Brand Support.

Example Amazon product listings:

Blog post topics include healthy dog chews, dog training/lifestyle and introductions to specific Mighty Paw products.

Are You Ready To Get In Touch With Me?

If you’re in need of a freelance copywriter/editor and are ready to learn more about how I can help you reach your audience, please email me at

You can also hop over to LinkedIn and touch base there.

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